Tips to Help You Get Ripped

Aside from weight loss and leading a generally healthy lifestyle, one of your main work out goals is probably to get ripped — and quick. Of course, there’s no magic formula that can make you get ripped overnight, but if you follow a structured diet and exercise regimen, you should start seeing the results in the mirror — and feeling them in your body.
Ready to get ripped? Follow our tips below!

Tips to Help You Get Ripped

Get Ripped With Exercise:

  • Focus on Several Muscle Groups: Your workouts should target different muscle groups. Try building them around compound weight lifting, then adding in some isolation exercises. Focusing on more than one muscle group will help you burn more calories and get ripped!
  • Sets & Circuits: Mixing up your workouts with sets and circuit training will also help you get ripped. You’ll get the benefits of resistance training with a cardio twist.
  • Tips to Help You Get Ripped | TITLE Boxing ClubBe Aggressive: You’ll never get ripped if you do your workouts halfway. Complete all exercise with high intensity and focus, minimizing your rest periods and forcing your body to burn calories. You can always find your nearest TITLE Boxing Club and come hit it hard at a Power Hour! Our high intensity workouts are designed to help you burn 1,000 calories* per hour, which will help you get ripped!
  • Be Consistent: You may not want to work out throughout the week, but if you want to get ripped, you have to be consistent when it comes to your exercise schedule. Create a weekly or monthly exercise plan and stick to it. Try signing up for a TITLE class with a friend who can hold you accountable. That way you can get ripped with a buddy!

Get Ripped With a Good Diet:

  • Be a Calorie-Counter: To get ripped, you should be aware of your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is calculated by dividing your weight by your height. Your BMI helps determine how many calories you need to consume each day to meet basic nutritional requirements — and how many calories you need to cut or burn in order to lose weight. To lose a pound a week and get ripped, you’ll need to burn 3,500 more calories than are consumed (or 500 calories per day). So be sure to keep a food journal that tracks your diet and calorie intake, along with a fitness log that estimates how many calories you’re burning. By keeping track of your calories, you can look back and identify diet slip-ups and then institute changes — helping you get ripped!
  • Spread Small Meals Throughout Your Day: Eating smaller, healthier portions throughout the day will stave off cravings and keep your energy up as you strive to get ripped. Try an egg-white scramble paired with whole wheat toast for breakfast, yogurt and a handful of granola as a mid-morning snack, a lean protein and veggies or a fruit for lunch, a handful of almonds and a stick of mozzarella cheese in the afternoon, and another lean protein with veggies for dinner. With a diet like this, you’ll get ripped in no time!
  • Go on Carb Watch: If you’re aiming to get ripped, the carbohydrates must be skipped. Potatoes, rice, and oats are the carb-rich culprits that can cause weight gain, and some fruits are even high in carbs. With less carbs, your body releases less insulin — the hormone that triggers fat storage in your body. With less carbs in your diet, you’ll get ripped quicker.
  • Avoid Alcohol, Sweets, & Other Cheats: Nobody’s perfect, and on your quest to get ripped quick, you’ll have inevitable missteps. Just remember that all of your high calorie, carb-laden cheats do add up in the end — limit yourself to one cheat a week, if you must. Alcohol is another no-no, as it affects your metabolism and your ability to exercise. Limit alcohol intake to special occasions and drink water between your cocktails, and stick to hard liquors that have less calories than beer.

If you use these tips to get ripped, you should have a more muscular, toned body, and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Do you have any special tips to get ripped? Share them in the comments!


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