Women vs. Men: are all workouts equal?

“How should men’s and women’s workouts compare?”

This is a common question for both men and women. People want to know how workouts for women should compare to a man’s exercise routine. While there is not one simple answer, there are several things that can help people understand how and why a workout for a male and female will Workouts for Women | TITLE Boxing Clubdiffer.

Should your training schedule be different from your man’s? Let’s take a look at a few ways women and men differ to see how and why workouts for women should differ for those of men.

Developing Muscles

Male and female bodies release different hormones: men primarily produce testosterone and a small amount of estrogen, and women produce mostly estrogen and a small dose of testosterone. Because testosterone is linked to lean muscle mass, you might hear myths like “Women can’t build muscle like men can, because they don’t have enough testosterone.” This isn’t true–workouts for women can be designed to build muscle!

Why kind of workouts for women will help build muscle? Whereas men might start off with heavy weights and increased repetition, women should alternate between using lighter weights and more repetitions, and heavier weights with less repetitions to build strength.

Metabolism and Calories

If you’re a woman who’s ever seen a man scarf down a heaping plate of nachos and wondered how he seemingly doesn’t gain weight when a similar meal would land you thunder thighs, the answer lies in the difference between men and women’s metabolism.

Genetically, men are gifted with a higher metabolism, meaning they can eat more than women without gaining weight and they can lose existing weight faster. (Unfair, right?!) Why man’s metabolic advantage? In general, men have more muscle mass and less body fat than women do, so they burn more calories during physical activity and when their bodies are at rest. Women’s energy expenditure–the number of calories burned for involuntary bodily functions like breathing, circulation, and digestion, plus all physical activity–is 5-10% less than men’s. So workouts for women should focus on burning more calories. Try high-energy cardio routines like cycling, jump roping, swimming, or a Power Hour at your local TITLE Boxing Club!


Men may naturally burn more calories than women, but when it comes to flexibility, women rule, due to hormonal, anatomical, and joint articulation differences. Workouts for women should capitalize on their natural flexibility with yoga and pilates, two calorie-burning workout regimens. Less-flexible men sustain more injuries from yoga and pilates than their female counterparts. This doesn’t mean that men should avoid these workouts altogether, just that they should exercise more caution when doing them.

Find the Perfect Workouts for Women at TITLE Boxing Club

Excited to start some workouts for women? Find your local TITLE Boxing Club to start kickboxing and boxing workouts that will help you burn more calories and reach your fitness goals!


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    This is a great comparison of men and women and their bodies/necessary workouts. I always kind of wondered why some guys have the ability to eat like 15 cheeseburgers and still weigh 175 lbs. Thanks!

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