After School Activities for Your Kids

The school year is soon starting and it is time to think of after school activities to keep the kids busy when they get home from that first day of school.

Pull your kids away from the computer screen and let them get moving outside. We’ve put together a list of a few ideas to make sure your kids keep up their energy after the school year starts.

After School Activitieskids riding bikes after school


Biking can actually help the kids relax after a long day of school as they breathe in fresh air. Encourage your kids to invite neighbors and friends to ride bikes together. This way, one parent can watch over them while you can have time for other work or activities. Take turns with the other parents in the group to share the load.


Soccer is a favorite among both boys and girls, making it an ideal after school activity. This offers the children a great chance to spend some time outdoors instead of sitting inside playing computer games or watching TV. Not only does it help kids make new friends, but it is also a great team building exercise. Soccer is an awesome conditioning sport.


Your children will love the chance to swim as the school year starts. This can keep the summer spirit alive. Swimming is a great exercise. Your kids won’t realize how active they are because they’ll be focused on the fun. Swimming has also been known to help kids strengthen muscles, develop a healthy cardiovascular system, relieve tension and overcome fear of the water.

Family After School Classes

After school boxing and kickboxing classes are a fun way to get the whole family involved in fitness. Back to school is a great time of year to start focusing on health as a family. Contact your local TITLE Boxing Club location to ask about your first shot free. Everyone gets to try the first class free to see what it is all about!


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