Celebrate Family Fitness Day!

A little known holiday is tomorrow. It may not be on your calendar, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating! You won’t need hours of preparation or a bunch of decorations. In fact, you’re better off just jumping right in and celebrating this holiday.

Saturday, September 28 is Family Fitness Day! We think this day is perfect for celebrating not only this weekend, but for carrying on the fun into the coming weeks. Start by having an active Saturday and continue to carry the spirit of family fitness day through your week.

Family fitness day is the perfect opportunity for the following:

  • unite your family
  • have fun
  • promote fitness and health
  • enjoy the fall weather
    family fitness day bike ride

Celebrate Family Fitness Day

If you don’t have plans for family fitness day yet, don’t stress. Here are several simple ways to celebrate family fitness day.

1. Family walk

You can honor the day by taking a walk together. Stroll through your neighborhood or head to the local park. Make it fun for the kids by ending up at the playground.

2. Visit TITLE Boxing Club

Mark the day with an intense Power Hour workout for the whole family! Call your local TITLE Boxing Club and ask about bringing your whole family to class! Our trainers will motivate you to stay active for an hour long boxing or kickboxing workout.

3. Dance party

Make your family fitness celebration fun. Get some music ready and start up a dance party with the kids. Dancing wildly through the house will have you working up a sweat and burning calories while you’re having a blast.

4. Family field day

Inject a little competition into your Saturday. Come up with a list of your family’s favorite field games. Flag football, relays, limbo, tug of war and bean bag toss are just a few to get the fun started.



  1. says

    Nice!! Fitness+Family=Amazing!
    I was thrilled to see an emphasis placed on family togetherness THROUGH fitness! It’s such a struggle sometimes for families to overcome obesity or other movement impairing difficulties and get involved with their children. I hope everyone can work together with family and friends and reach their goals!!

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