Celebrate International Picnic Day

Pull out your red-checked blanket and fill up your basket. It is time for a picnic.

June 18 marked a little-known holiday celebrating picnics. What could be better than lounging on a gigantic blanket with food and drink and no worries? I can’t think of a more carefree activity for summer.

The picnic has stood the test of time. In the Victorian era, picnics were an essential social event allowing men and women to enjoy elaborate meals. Now, we use a picnic as a simple way to celebrate all occasions, big and small.

Even though we missed the holiday, any day is a good one for a picnic. Bring the life to your next picnic (and keep it healthy) with these ideas:

  • family on a picnic

    Watermelon and feta salad – Try a simple and fresh cold salad filled with watermelon, feta and mint.

  • Quiche – A quiche is a quick and delicious way to feed your friends and family. You can pack it with veggies and meat for a filling and simple dish.

  • Lightened up chicken salad – Cold chicken salad is an essential for many picnics. Lighten it up and add flavor by substituting avocado for mayonnaise.

  • Hummus – Put a batch of hummus in your cooler and bring an assortment of dippers. Fresh pita bread, carrot chips, pita chips and cucumbers are perfect for dipping.

  • Tossed salad – Lighten up a green salad by choosing a light vinegar and oil dressing and packing veggies, beans and protein.

  • Trail mix – Mix up a batch of trail mix with nuts, chocolate candies, dried fruit, seeds and raisins. This is an easy to eat snack that can stand up to the heat.

  • Cold drinks – Don’t forget to bring a thermos of ice water and a few cold drink options. iced tea or lemonade are great thirst-quenchers.

What are your picnic tips? Do you have a favorite recipe for a healthy snack to munch on outside? Let us know how you like to dine al fresco. We’re talking about all of your favorite summer activities as we move through 100 Days of Summer. Check out TITLE Boxing Club on Facebook to follow the rest of our posts and tips and see how you can make healthy choices all summer!



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