TITLE Tips: Is Your Family On the Go? Choose Healthy Fast Food

While it’s true that active kids do reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle, sometimes these benefits can be undone if we feed them unhealthy foods when on the go.

We’ve already covered what snacks you can feed kids after their after-school activities, but what can you do when your family needs a whole meal on the go? Packing a meal is always an option, but if for those times when you’re too busy to plan ahead, fast food might be inevitable.

Although not the most preferable choice, it is possible to eat healthy fast food — you just need to be conscious of your choices.

Healthy Fast Food? It’s Possible If You Make the Right Choices.

Opt for Healthy Meals

Most fast food places know that their main meals aren’t healthy and are attempting to correct this with healthy options. Rather than a burger or chicken nuggets, get a salad (dressing on the side, no croutons for even more healthy fast food) or a baked potato (with the toppings on the side).

Get Grilled Over FriedTITLE Boxing Club | Family On the Go? Make Healthy Fast Food.jpg

If there’s a choice between grilled and fried meat, always opt for the grilled. Grilled, skinless meat is more lean and usually less processed than the alternative, plus it generally has less fat and sodium.

Customize, Don’t Supersize

It is possible to find healthy fast food at most restaurants — you might just have to customize the available meals. To make a burger more healthy fast food, for example, you can request a wheat bun or even no bun at all. 

Choose Sides Wisely

The savory sides at the drive-through might be tempting, but for healthy fast food you need to choose sides wisely. Whenever possible, pick fruit or veggie sides over the typically sodium-drenched fries or tots. If you want fries, at least split a portion adults and kids rather than buying one side per person. One way to get the most healthy fast food possible? Order a main meal, but skip the combo and eat some sides you’ve previously packed and grabbed on your way out the door. Carrot sticks, kale chips, bananas, and mandarin oranges are all tasty pairings for fast food.

Watch What You Drink

Just as you choose your sides carefully, you should also be careful about what you sip with your healthy fast food. Water is always the best option, followed by low-fat milk or 100% juice. Many fast food places offer the last two options for kids, or you could always save money by packing your own water, milk, or juice and again skipping the combo meal.

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