Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

This mother’s day, inspire the kids to get moving and stay active as a family. The gift that comes from the heart and lets your whole family spend time together is the one you’ll remember. So let your kids’ creativity run wild and their fingers get to moving on a mother’s day coupon book.

mother's day gifts from kids

Mother’s Day Coupon Book:

Mother’s Day Coupon Good For: One Picnic and Trip To The Park

The whole family can have fun walking around the park, playing frisbee or tag and eating snacks. The kids can pack a bag full of healthy and fun picnic fare. Try whole wheat crackers, fresh fruit salad and veggies with a dip made from greek yogurt.


Mother’s Day Coupon Good For: One Day of Yard Work Together

Take advantage of springtime sunshine by planning a work day in the yard. Kids can help pick weeds, water plants and plant flowers. You’ll work off a lot of energy as you make your yard look fresh.


Mother’s Day Coupon Good For: Housecleaning Day

Open the windows, turn on the music and make your day of cleaning fun. Think Mary Poppins here- inject a little fun into your chores just like she puts a magical touch on tidying up the nursery. The kids can help mom by picking up the toys, making beds and drying dishes.


Mother’s Day Coupon Good For: Car Wash

A car wash can really make you sweat- but you get to cool off with the hose whenever you need it! Bring the music outside, get your car washing tools ready, and have fun! The kids can cool off with the sprinkler or water toys when you’re all done.

What are your favorite mother’s day gifts? Do you have a tradition with your family? We’d love to hear how you stay active with your family this holiday. Maybe you take a mother’s day walk or host a sand volleyball tournament. Let us know in the comments!


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    I’d bet in most cases, mom’s just appreciate the thought of having their kids make them fun and creative gifts like these. No need to go WAY overboard, when a simple made at home card will do!!

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