Traveling this Summer? Pack These Healthy Snacks!

You hopped in the car, turned on your road trip playlist and hit the road. The bags were packed and the gas tank was full. After thirty minutes on the road, you noticed a familiar feeling…your stomach growled and you knew hunger had set in.

We’ve all been in a similar situation. Something about a road trip or any travel just flips the switch and makes most of us pretty hungry.

How do you handle those cravings when you’re traveling? Is there any way to stay satisfied without picking up a basket full of junk food at the gas station? Traveling and staying healthy can be tricky, but a little preparation and thought can keep you full and help you avoid regrets.

Here are some simple tips for picking and packing healthy snacks when you’re traveling this summer:

On the Road

  • Nuts- Pack mixed nuts for the whole family and skip the bag of chips.
  • Popcorn- Popcorn can get messy, but it is a great alternative to salty potato chips and is low in calories.
  • Fruit- Wash berries and grapes and pack in a sealed container. Pop this in the cooler, and you have a fresh and cool healthy treat.
  • Granola bars- Find some fiber-rich bars for your family. There are tons of flavor options and many taste as good as a candy bar.
  • Veggies- Packing a cooler in the car is one of the best decisions for a road trip. Cut up some fresh vegetables and store them in a container. Hummus or peanut butter make great dipping options.

On the Plane

  • Granola- This light and crunchy snack will fill you up with delicious nutrition. Find a pre-made mix of granola clusters or make your own version.
  • Carrots- Baby carrots or carrot chips are easy to pack and easy to munch on.
  • Cheese and crackers- Pick some grain-filled crackers and cheese that lasts for a while at room temperature.
  • Hard-boiled eggs- Pack a container with a few hard-boiled eggs and peel them when you’re hungry!

After you treat yourself while you travel, you’ll want to refresh with a solid workout. The trainers at TITLE Boxing Club will have you burning up to 1,000 calories* in one hour.


  1. Samantha says

    While I agree with most of your healthy snacking ideas, be cautious about granola bars! Many of them (even ones that “claim” to be healthy) contain A LOT of hidden sugar. For example, the first 2 ingredients are syrups in NutriGrain bars. Although “breakfast bars” and “granola bars” may contain only 120-140 calories, sugar raises your blood glucose level causing you to be more hungry later on once the “spike” is gone. All in all, most of today’s granola and snack bars are sugar-coated, filled with candy like chocolate and marshmallows, and laden with high fructose corn syrup as well as countless other ingredients that I can’t even pronounce, let alone spell. If you really love granola snack bars, the best granola bar I’ve found on the market so far are KIND Bars.

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