Welcome Fall With Family Activities

Fall represents an excellent opportunity to have fun with your family. This season offers you the great possibility to enjoy magnificent weather and beautiful foliage with the people you love most.

Take advantage of the mild temperatures, colorful leaves and brisk mornings. There’s more opportunity for comfortable physical outdoor activity this season. Bring the kids along and get moving this fall.

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fall family activities

Five Fall Family Activities

1. Get Lost In A Corn Maze

One of the most entertaining fall family activities is getting lost in a corn maze. It isn’t hard to find a corn maze and pumpkin patch in most areas. Your family doesn’t need much to have fun here. Whether you make it a race or find your way together, you’ll be laughing and joking through the whole maze.

2. Collect Leaves

Layers of leaves cover the ground in autumn. Playing in the leaves can be a great learning opportunity and a fun physical activity. You can do this at a state park or at your home. Get the whole family involved in raking the leaves, then let the kids run and jump in the piles. After they’re worn out, work together to bag the leaves. You’ll break a sweat playing, running and doing yard work.

Make it a learning opportunity by examining the different types of leaves you find. Look up pictures of leaves and trees online, comparing the colors, shapes and sizes. Kids love to make crafts with their nature discoveries, too.

3. Go For A Hayride

One of the quintessential fall family activities is a hayride. Hayrides let you enjoy wonderful sights and relax for a while. This is an affordable way to get the family outside and relieve stress together. Bring hot chocolate or cider and pack a blanket. Set up shop after the hayride and play games together, such as tag, capture the flag or frisbee.

4. Go Apple Picking

Set aside time to visit the local apple orchard. If your kids have never been apple picking before, they’ll love their first trip. Continue the fun by baking treats with your fresh produce when you get home.

5. Go For a Hike

A hike is an excellent fall family activity for your whole family. You can control the difficulty of the hike by setting the pace and choosing a terrain that makes sense for your family. The hike should be a slight challenge, but still allow you to talk and bond as you walk.


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