Fitness Classes

Sure, you’ve probably taken fitness classes before — but the Power Hour fitness classes at TITLE Boxing Club are unlike any other you’ve ever experienced before. From the camaraderie and support of the TITLE Boxing Club community to the proven results of our high-intensity Power Hours, you won’t find more effective, empowering fitness classes out there.

No matter your fitness goals or your current fitness level, our Power Hour boxing or kickboxing classes are for you — at TITLE Boxing Club we welcome anyone to our hit-free, high-impact fitness classes. All you need is the drive to succeed — and if this is lacking, our professional trainers can provide motivation along the way. Even better? We offer a First Shot Free promotion so you can come in and see what makes TITLE’s fitness classes so outstanding..

Power Hour Fitness Classes

We’ve created explosive, total body group workouts that combine cardio and toning exercise with boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts training. We call these custom fitness classes Power Hours, because they’re designed to help you burn a jaw-dropping 1,000 calories in just one hour of exercise.

How hard you push yourself in our Power Hour fitness classes is completely up to you — you can ease into exercise and gradually build your endurance and intensity as time goes on. TITLE’s fitness classes are a judgment-free zone! You also don’t need to worry about injury at a TITLE Power Hour — our boxing and kickboxing fitness classes are completely hit-free.

You can choose from two types of Power Hour fitness classes at your local TITLE Boxing Club: boxing or kickboxing.

Boxing Fitness Classes

In our boxing Power Hour, you’ll follow along with your trainer to learn boxing techniques and leverage your body weight as resistance to strengthen your entire body. Your trainer will teach you how to wrap your hands and work the punching bag.

These fitness classes aren’t all boxing, though — with cardio and toning exercises worked in, you’ll burn more calories and see results throughout your body. Build muscle and endurance, gain confidence, and lose weight with TITLE’s boxing fitness classes!

Kickboxing Fitness Classes

Want to target your arms, legs, and core, toning and tightening each region? With every kick, jab, and punch in our kickboxing fitness classes, you’ll see and feel the difference. The high-energy kickboxing Power Hour at your local TITLE Boxing Club also incorporates cardio and toning work with traditional kickboxing training.

The result? A total-body workout that yields total-body results. You can’t replicate the effectiveness of our kickboxing Power Hours in any other fitness classes.

Personal Training

If you want to take it up a notch beyond our Power Hour fitness classes, TITLE’s personal training is right for you. Benefit from one-on-one training sessions tailored to your fitness goals and skills, plus custom nutrition advice to help you lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

Like our boxing and kickboxing fitness classes, personal training sessions at TITLE are high-energy cardio workouts with toning and boxing techniques worked in; sessions will also include strength training and mitt work to take your workout up another notch. Your personal trainers will support and motivate you as you work toward your fitness goals.

Ready to Hit it Hard with the calorie-busting fitness classes or personal training sessions at TITLE Boxing Club? Find the TITLE location near you and search the schedule of fitness classes to start your Power Hour or personal training today!