Youth Sports Safety Month: Keep Kids Safe When They’re Active

We’ve covered the importance of family fitness many times. Getting your children involved in physical activities at a young age is a great way to promote fitness, improve coordination, build communication and teamwork skills, and more.

It is key to note, though, that when kids participate in sports, they are at some risk for sports-related injuries, especially since their bodies are still growing and have weaker spots. While most often these injuries are minor, some do cause more lasting physical damage, which is why it’s vital to understand the basic of youth sports safety.

April is officially Youth Sports Safety Month. In honor of that designation, here are some TITLE tips for ensuring your little athletes follow the youth sports safety rules.

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Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Winter weather has kept us cooped up inside for far too long. Although there are plenty of activities that can and should be enjoyed indoors during cooler spells, there’s something powerful about exercising in the fresh air.

Now that spring has arrived, TITLE Boxing Club encourages you to enjoy the outdoors with these family activities!

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Check Out Our Stress Management Techniques for Families

Too often, we think that stress is an adult issue. To many, childhood is a carefree time, full of play dates, lazy Saturdays, and few responsibilities. But in reality, stress can and does affect children, and it can have long-lasting mental and physical impacts. Studies have shown that exposure to stress at a very young age can change brain development and impair cognitive function, while firsthand and secondhand stress in childhood and adolescence can likewise result in mental and physical problems later in life.

For these reasons and more, it’s key to learn effective stress management techniques to approach stressful situations with and around your family. Here are some TITLE tips for family stress management!

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Support Cancer Awareness With a Family-Friendly 5K!

Since April is Cancer Control Month and the weather is generally pleasant throughout the US, there are a variety of cancer awareness 5Ks nationwide throughout this month and the next.

Cancer awareness 5Ks are perfect for the whole family to participate in, not just the adults. Not only are these events a way to teach your children the importance of cancer awareness and charity, they are also a great way to promote family fitness!

Need more convincing as to why your family should participate in a 5K? Here’s why TITLE Boxing Club is a fan of family-friendly 5Ks!

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Teach Your Kids About Good Nutrition

This National Nutrition Month is a great time to educate your kids on the importance of good nutrition. After all, most of our dietary habits are learned in childhood — and since parents control what their children eat, it’s your responsibility to start your kids off on the right foot.

But any parent who’s tried to feed their child fruits, veggies, and leaner meats also knows that enforcing good nutrition can be easier said than done, particularly when the attempt is met with a tantrum or flat-out refusal to try. Here are some TITLE Tips for teaching your children good nutrition — even if they’re the pickiest of eaters!

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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Does Your Family Know the Risk?

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, which means you probably saw a high volume of people dressing in green — but have you noticed anyone dressing in blue throughout the month? They might be wearing the color in honor of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, since blue is the official color of the colon cancer alliance.

Since March is dedicated to Colorectal Cancer Awareness,  advocates, survivors, and relatives of those touched by colorectal cancer are speaking out to educate others on the second leading cause of cancer deaths in America.

To help their cause and promote family health, we are sharing some colorectal cancer basics.

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How to Make a Family Fitness Routine That You Can Stick To

After you take the time to assess your family fitness, the next step is to actually implement the lifestyle changes that you feel would most positively impact your family’s overall health.

This could include cutting back on technology time, creating a healthy diet, improving your sleeping habits, and creating a family exercise routine. But it can be hard for busy families to stick with these lifestyle changes if they’re not planned out the right way.

How can you establish a family fitness routine that you’ll actually stick with? Here are some TITLE tips to keep your family on track.

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It’s Time to Assess Your Family Fitness.

Spring is just around the corner. Grasses should start growing greener and temperatures warmer. As mother nature rejuvenates herself, why not take the opportunity to do the same to your family?

Now is a great time to take stock of your family fitness and see if your habits are increasing or detracting from your health. Use the questions below to determine if your family fitness is going well, or if you need to refocus and make family fitness a priority.

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TITLE Tips: Is Your Family On the Go? Choose Healthy Fast Food

While it’s true that active kids do reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle, sometimes these benefits can be undone if we feed them unhealthy foods when on the go.

We’ve already covered what snacks you can feed kids after their after-school activities, but what can you do when your family needs a whole meal on the go? Packing a meal is always an option, but if for those times when you’re too busy to plan ahead, fast food might be inevitable.

Although not the most preferable choice, it is possible to eat healthy fast food — you just need to be conscious of your choices.

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Childhood Obesity Prevention for Parents

Last week, we shared the basic facts about childhood obesity that every parent or caregiver should know. It’s important to recognize what qualifies as childhood obesity, what can cause it, and exactly how prevalent it is.

Beyond knowing the basics about childhood obesity, adults should also understand strategies for childhood obesity prevention. With obesity rates rising among children and adults alike, clearly we need to take action against obesity, including childhood obesity prevention.

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