Back-to-School Fit & Healthy Essentials for Mom

Back-to-school season is back to business as usual for a lot of moms and dads, but for some it’s the very first time they will experience the madness that can be a school year! No matter who you are, the school year doesn’t have to be chaos, because we’ve got some of the best TITLE-tested tips and tricks for making the school year both healthy and stress-free for the whole family.

Meal Prep (for real this time!)
Meal prepping is always on our radar, and we’ve tried and failed multiple times at keeping up the routine. Will this be the year that you really take advantage of the benefits of meal prepping? It’s an obvious trick to guaranteeing healthy meals for lunch, but have you thought about meal prepping for breakfast and dinner as well? With earlier-than-ever mornings and late nights for sports and homework, having pre-made meal for breakfast and dinner is a sure win. You can make and freeze protein-packed omelettes for breakfast, or have a healthy crockpot dinner ready when you get home in the evening.


Write Down Everything!
A weekly or monthly calendar with every family member’s appointments, workouts, meetings, games and everything in between is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re never late again (well, maybe not as much). A pretty wall calendar like this one will always catch your attention when you pass, or a digital app calendar can sync with your entire family’s phones and send alerts on the go!


Track Your Fitness
If you haven’t yet invested in this lifesaver gadget, a fitness tracker could be the one thing your cray-cray life is missing. Especially during the busy school year, it can be easy to fall off track on workouts and on sleep. These little guys will help you stay on track and motivated with a step counter, sleep tracker and more! Plus, who doesn’t like to see how many calories and how many steps they’ve tracked at each TITLE Boxing Club class? 

Fitness Tracker


Real Life Tips for Being a Morning Workout Person

Mornings are rough for all of us. But how do some manage to turn on their superhero powers and get out of their warm cozy bed to go workout? It’s all about being easy on your brain when it hasn’t even had a chance to wake up yet! Plan, prepare and leave your excuses on the pillow with these tips from the TITLE Boxing Club Marketing Team.

As a mom, Audrey knows the struggle of balancing your own routine with your family’s needs. Her practical ideas are invaluable:


“Set two alarms – one by the bed and one that makes you actually get out of bed to turn it off on the other side of the room. Also, have everything ready to go like your gym bag, work clothes, kids clothes, lunches, water and snacks the night before. You can even pack some of your things in your car the night before so it’s less you need to grab in the morning.” – Audrey, Brand Manager

Brooke is a busy professional who is constantly on the go and traveling for work, so planning ahead is a priority. Here are some of her go-to methods.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.01.01 PM

“Schedule your workouts ahead of time in your planner like you would any other appointment and make sure you keep it. Setting time aside for yourself and your health is key. Also, put your workout clothes by your bed the night before so you have one less thing to think about and create an excuse for in the morning.” – Brooke, Senior Director of Marketing

Planning a wedding on top of a demanding work schedule is a stressful reality for Jenna. Here are her tips for staying on track through busy times.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.25.22 PM

“Plan your workouts with a friend or your significant other. You’d never bail on them for happy hour, so you won’t skip out on your workout plans either! Also, fall asleep (meaning no Instagram in bed) at least 8 hours before your alarm is set to go off. When it does, you’ll know lack of sleep isn’t an excuse for hitting snooze!” – Jenna, Digital Marketing Coordinator

8 Spooktacular Ways to Work Off Halloween Candy

Surrounded by candy, Halloween was probably your favorite holiday as a child. But for adults, it might be the hardest day of the year to stick to your fitness plan. And while words like “fun size” make you think it’s okay to have just one, it’s definitely a slippery slope. Just remember that whatever you put in your mouth equals more time you’ll have to put in at the gym.

Here’s what it takes to burn off your favorite treats:

1.     Kit-Kats - Just two fun-size bars are 210 calories, which roughly equals 16 minutes spent on a treadmill.

2.     Butterfingers - The little ones come in at 170 calories for two, so you can work that off with 30 minutes on a bike.

3.     M&Ms - Actually, a fun-size pack only has about 67 calories, which you can undo with only 25 minutes of yoga.

4.     Tootsie Roll - These little guys are around 24 calories per piece, so they add up fast. You can knock out 5 in about 8 minutes of swimming.

5.     Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup - My personal kryptonite, one cup is 110 calories, which fortunately is the equivalent of only 11 minutes of kickboxing.

6.     Twix - Each fun-size stick is about 80 calories, so 9 minutes of lifting should help you polish that off.

7.     Starburst - At 20 calories a pop you can afford to eat a few more. You can burn off 8 of them in 12 minutes of step class.

8.     Twizzlers - Every piece you eat is about 70 calories. So that’s 10 minutes of rowing multiplied by the whole bag.

Listen, candy is fun and at Halloween, virtually unavoidable. As in all things, moderation is really the key. And sharing, we really like sharing.

Playing it cool: 8 ways to stay hydrated

People spend a lot of time talking about eating the right foods to stay fit and fuel your workout. What they often forget to mention is that water is a nutrient, too. And water actually can have a much bigger and more immediate impact on your workout and overall level of fitness than anything you could ever eat. Lean body mass contains 70-75% water, while fat only contains 10-40% water, so the more fit you are the more important staying properly hydrated becomes.

Of course, during the summer the risk of dehydration is even bigger, so here’s our run-down on the best ways to hydrate in the summer heat:

1.  Start out right. Make sure you’re well-hydrated before you ever start to exercise. Drink plenty of fluids the day before and within the hour before, during and after your workout.

2.  Watch your fluids. Check the color of your pee; before a workout it should be light yellow. By the time you start feeling thirsty, you’ve already lost about 1% of your body water and are officially dehydrated. It may not sound like much, but at only 2% water loss, you can already experience serious fatigue and cardiovascular impairment.

3. Water works. For workouts of an hour or less, water should be enough to hydrate you. Any longer than that, or if your workout is especially high intensity, you should consider a sports drink or diluted juices instead. The carbohydrates will give your body energy to burn and the electrolytes will aid fluid absorption.

4.  Count on electrolytes. Electrolytes like sodium and potassium help your body to hold onto water, absorbing more fluid into your blood stream and keeping you hydrated longer. They can also help replace sodium lost through sweat, and low blood sodium can cause huge problems all on its own.

6.  Cut out caffeine. Caffeine itself is a mild diuretic and is somewhat counterproductive as you try to hydrate. More importantly, caffeinated soda and energy drinks tend to be very high in sugar which can slow down the rate at which your body absorbs fluids.

7.  By the numbers. Water loss varies based on heat, humidity and the intensity and duration of your workout. But as a rule, you should try to consumer 12-16 oz. of water in the half hour before a workout, and during your workout, you should drink 4-8 oz. every 15 minutes or so.

8.  When it’s said and done. The goal after a workout is to bring your body back into balance. Believe it or not, chocolate milk might actually be your best bet. It delivers fluid to rehydrate, carbohydrates to replace energy, and protein to help rebuild muscle. Plus it tastes great and makes you feel like a little kid again.

Don’t forget, you should also get some of your hydration from the food you eat, too. Fruits and vegetables can be up to 90% water, so make sure you get plenty. And now that you know how to stay properly hydrated, go ahead, get out there and get moving!

Put that Warmer Weather To Work

Everybody craves a little vitamin D sometimes,especially after being stuck indoors for winter. Now that the temperature is finally heating up, you can spice up your training by taking it outside in between trips to the gym. Just think of how much nature’s uneven terrain can do for your body! Take advantage of those obstacles with the following exercises you can do at park or in your own backyard.

·  Jog to the park -– Start your workout off right by jogging to a nearby park. This will provide the perfect cardio warm-up to get you ready for the strength training to come.

·  Find the nearest bench – Say hello to your new best friend. Benches are great for various exercises, such as incline push-ups, step-ups, bench dips, and box jumps, etc. so definitely find an unoccupied one and give all these moves a try.

·  Hit the hills – Give your legs a workout from every angle by running up- or downhill. The raw turf will probably vary, keeping you on the lookout for bumps in the road. Translation: it won’t be a bore.

·  Got sand? – Whether you live near the beach or have access to a sandbox or volleyball court, amp up your runs by taking them from concrete to sand. Believe us, you’ll feel the burn.

·  Monkey bars aren’t just for kids – Work on your endurance as well as core and upper-body strength by climbing or doing hanging crunches on the monkey bars. This is harder than it sounds, which means it’s worth it!

·  Walk the line – Find the nearest curb or log and tightrope walk across it. Keeping your balance will not only work your core and legs but it can even help you with your posture… and who couldn’t use some of that?

Even if you’re not much of an outdoors person, these moves will help you crush calories and sculpt your body from head to toe while basking in the sun. Give them a try the next time you feel the need for fresh air and some extra room to run around in.

Fitness Advice You Just Can’t Ignore

Settling into a fitness routine is easier said than done for most people. Chances are you’re going to run into a few snags along the way, even if you’re not new at this game. So the next time you’re struggling, refer to this handy list of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your workouts.

1.  Sleep and de-stress. Once you’ve mustered up the strength to get off the couch to exercise, make sure you get enough sleep after. Sleep is crucial to recovery for your muscles after a tough workout. And stress will only mess with your hormones, causing you to retain fat. So try to get at least seven hours of shuteye a night and do your best to minimize stress. The good thing is that exercise can help reduce your stress and make you sleep like a baby, so it’s a no-brainer.

2.  Do it early. The early bird catches the worm, right? Yep! The benefits of of early morning sweat sessions are two-fold. If you get your workout out of the way first thing in the AM, you’ll be less likely to skip it because life can get in the way later on. Plus, exercising in the morning can boost your energy for the rest of the day. It’s like a jumpstart for your metabolism, and who doesn’t want that?

3.  Slow and steady. Consistency is the key to success of any kind, especially fitness. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop. We’d even venture to say that no exercise program will work effectively unless you do it consistently. So keep going!

4.  Progress, not perfection. It’s so important to be realistic about the goals you set for yourself. If you strive to reach an improbable goal, you’ll likely give up as soon as you don’t meet it. Focus instead on forming healthier habits little by little.

5.  Pair up! When it comes to fitness motivation, two’s better than one. Exercise with a loved one who also wants to be healthier. You’ll encourage each other and hopefully keep each other accountable. Just don’t spend too much time chatting. Stay focused on your mutual goal of getting fit.

Remember that even if you follow these tips, you will have your ups and downs. That’s only natural, but be patient, and before you know it you’ll start to see results.

Don’t Let a Little Soreness Derail You from Working Out

We know the feeling all too well. You’re feeling psyched about starting a new fitness routine. You’ve made the time, set goals, and are ready to go… until you finally do and are suddenly hit with delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) about one or two days later.

The thing is, when you put your body through any strenuous physical activity, especially if it’s something new to you, you’re going to experience muscle soreness. That’s a given. The good news is that it’s most common when you’re beginning. And the even better part is that it’s okay to be sore. Don’t get discouraged! Just have a plan to help you ease the pain and speed up recovery after a tough workout. Here’s how.

  • Stretch. People often don’t stretch enough. Doing some dynamic stretching (ones that involve movement) before your exercise will prepare your body and reduce soreness.
  • Warm up. Before you reach for those weights, take the time for some cardio before to warm up your muscles. This will help you avoid pulling any tendons, ligaments, or muscles.
  • Cool down. This is one of the most important phases of your workout. Devote the last 10 minutes of your routine to easy aerobic work like walking or jogging. Then don’t forget to stretch again, but this time go for some static stretches (the kind you hold).
  • Hydrate. This is key throughout the whole process. Staying properly hydrated will prevent cramping and decrease inflammation, which means less soreness for you, so drink up that water!
  • Watch your form. When you perform a workout incorrectly, you put yourself at risk for unnecessary soreness and possible injury. Be careful.
  • Self-massage. This will feel great on sore muscles. You don’t need to invest in an expensive spa massage. A much less costly but equally effective solution is to use a foam roller to relieve tension. Believe us. Your foam roller will become your new best friend!

Whatever you do, don’t stop exercising altogether. Give your body a few days to adapt. Some light exercise such as walking will keep your muscles in motion while also providing some relief. If you do feel sore, you know it’s working, so don’t give up! Use these tips to help you work through the pain and continue on your quest to achieving your fitness goals.

Everything to Gain But the Pounds

2015 is finally here! While the celebration is over, it’s prime time to make and keep those New Years resolutions you promised yourself. Remember, results only come from pushing your limits – you’re capable of SO much more than you think. Make 2015 your year to change your life with exercise. The reasons to start an exercise routine right this minute are endless… we can’t even fit them all in here. Don’t believe us? Just watch.

  1. Looking good is a given. Regardless of your priorities, one thing is certain: working out and staying fit is just plain sexy. No doubt about it.
  2. Because it makes you happy! Exercising will make you feel amazing. You can thank endorphins, those feel-good chemicals your body releases, which can also help you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  3. It will boost your self-esteem. Guess what? Looking good and feeling great after a sweat session can only make you feel better about yourself. The fact that you’re trying is a victory in and of itself. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back!
  4. Working out will energize you. If you think you’re too tired to exercise, you’re in for the surprise of your life—moving that bod will actually help fuel you. Trust us on this one.
  5. You’ll be stronger for it. This one’s a double whammy. Training will obviously make you physically stronger, but it will also help you win at life by teaching you the discipline behind setting and achieving goals.
  6. Exercise because you can. You are fortunate enough to have a body that works miracles everyday. Celebrate this blessing by witnessing just how impressively well that body of yours works.
  7. Who doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier life? Making fitness a priority means investing in your future well-being. It strengthens your heart and bones, tones your muscles, lowers your blood pressure, reduces body fat, and so on… becoming a healthier you is the most significant reason of all.

Working out also helps you sleep better, boosts your creativity, strengthens your memory, makes you more productive at work, keeps you from getting sick, etc. Truly change your life for the better by following through on your fitness resolutions this year! There’s no good reason not to.

Want to Stay Thin and Live Longer? Eat Like the Greeks Do!

The Mediterranean diet does so much more than simply shrink your waistline. While it helps control your weight, it also can reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart-disease-related deaths, as well as protect your memory and thinking skills. A recent study found that following a Mediterranean diet actually slows down DNA damage, which is an internal sign of aging. That’s right—sticking to this nutritious diet will actually help you live a longer, healthier life! Ready to give it a shot? Here’s what you need to eat to reap the amazing benefits.

  • Naturally, the first thing you should do is pile on the fruits and vegetables. The nutrients in fresh produce are an essential part of the Mediterranean diet, so be sure to include them in every meal.
  • Step aside, red meat! Make room for more seafood in your life if you want to eat like the Greeks do. We recommend eating fish once or twice a week as it’s low in calories but high in omega-3 fatty acids, which is pretty much the perfect combo for your health.
  • Next up, trade butter and margarine for high-quality, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil are great for your heart.
  • Add whole grains to every meal. The fiber, healthy fats, protein, and vitamins they contain will keep your blood pressure low and your belly fat in check.
  • Hungry for a snack? Grab some nuts, legumes, or seeds. These healthy bites will keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • And finally,  feel free to enjoy the occasional glass of red wine. You didn’t think we’d leave this one out, did you? Just remember: everything in moderation!

So say goodbye to processed foods and load up on the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods found in the Mediterranean diet. It may very well be the fountain of youth… and health!

10 Benefits You Don’t Expect from Working Out

There’s no question that looking and feeling good are probably the top reasons to exercise. But did you know that working out has some pretty amazing side effects that go above and beyond the obvious? Keeping these health perks in mind will make you think twice the next time you’re tempted to skip a sweat session.

In addition to keeping your heart healthy and helping you manage your weight, working out regularly can help you:

  1. Sleep better. Ditch the sleeping pills! Breaking a sweat will help improve the quality of your sleep. So get moving and get some more sweet z’s.
  2. Boost happiness. Stop dreading physical activity. Once you do it, you’ll actually feel better after. Endorphins don’t lie. Go ahead and chase that post-workout high.
  3. Reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. Bad day at work? Go for a run or head to the gym for a quick workout. It’ll help you relax and it’s way better for you than drinking or smoking to blow off some steam.
  4. Enhance memory. It may be hard to believe but exercising actually enables you to remember information and retain skills better by boosting the chemicals in the brain that support the part of the brain related to memory and learning.
  5. Get creative. Lacking some inspiration lately? Studies show that regular exercise increases creativity. Time to break a sweat and get those creative juices flowing!
  6. Be more productive. Your boss will love this one. Physical fitness can help you power through the workday and help you get more done. A win-win for all.
  7. Improve brainpower. Sweating it out at the gym can actually make you smarter. Even simply walking can help increase your mental acuity. Staying sharp never sounded easier.
  8. Elevate self-confidence. This one’s a no-brainer. The more you work out, the better you’ll look and feel, which will of course build up your self-esteem. Are you feeling the (self) love yet?
  9. Live longer. Fitness may just be the real fountain of youth. Recent studies show that just 15 minutes of physical activity per day can extend life expectancy by three years. More birthdays? Sign us up!
  10. Inspire others. Exercising can be much more fun with a friend or in a group. Luckily it also instills healthy competition, which helps you perform better. Grab your favorite workout buddy and inspire each other to push harder.

With such positive effects of working on your fitness, getting a smokin’ bod is just the beginning.