How to Avoid Exercise Burnout

Although most people would probably admit to exercising too little for their own good, it’s actually possible to be overactive.

You might think that this wouldn’t be too bad for your health, but overexertion carries its own risks such as injury, muscle fatigue and lasting soreness, appetite loss, exhaustion after workouts, and trouble sleeping. These are all symptoms of exercise burnout.

If you’ve ever been highly-motivated to stay active, but then felt exhausted soon after starting your regular routine, you might have experienced exercise burnout. Here are some TITLE Tips to help you stay active and avoid exercise burnout!

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Need an Afternoon Snack? Try These Exercises That Stop Cravings

Men, do you ever find yourself reaching for unhealthy snacks when you know you should hold off or opt for a healthier choice? Sometimes, work or personal obligations get in the way of proper dietary habits despite our best efforts.
Did you know that certain exercises make it possible to avoid the onset of cravings? Read on for the details below!

How Do Men Handle Stress Compared to Women?

Just from your personal experiences and observations, you probably already know that men and women handle stress in very different ways. But you’re probably not sure why the sexes have such different reactions to stressful situations.

In honor of Stress Awareness Month, we’re exploring how men and women handle getting overwhelmed. After all, understanding the underlying, physiological causes of stress is vital to stress management!

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Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

Testicular Cancer Awareness WeekTomorrow doesn’t just mark the beginning of a new month — it’s also the start of Testicular Cancer Awareness week, a time for men and women alike to educate themselves on the most common type of cancer among men 15 – 35.

TITLE Boxing Club supports our members’ overall wellness, so we’re providing the basic facts on testicular cancer in honor of its awareness celebration.

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Seven Superfoods Great for Men’s Nutrition

As we shared yesterday, male and female nutritional needs differ. That means when it comes to creating your diet plans, you can’t just follow any recommendations for vitamin, mineral, and nutrient intake — you want to make sure your meals are well-balanced and fulfilling the specific nutritional needs of your sex.

To help you out, we’re sharing seven of our favorite superfoods here at TITLE Boxing Club, all perfectly suited for any man’s meal!

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It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month. Men, Do You Know Your Risk?

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Though it’s important for everyone to know the dangers of brain injury and the basics of brain injury prevention, men in particular should be educated on the subject. Overall, incidences of traumatic brain injury are two to three times higher among men than women.

Here are the basics on traumatic brain injury that every man should know!

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Men, Don’t Just Watch March Madness: Try These Basketball Workouts

Basketball workouts are a great way to stay active and lose weight while having fun. We shared a few quick pre-game warmups in this post, but here are a few more conditioning drills we recommend — after all, you don’t have to let the excitement of March Madness stay on the college courts!

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Spring Training Tips for Men

With spring just two weeks away, you should think about your spring training routine. After a winter-induced coma, you might feel ready to jump right back into your old exercise routine, but conditioning is all about rebuilding your strength so that you can eventually perform at peak capacity. You don’t need to rush into things — in fact, to avoid injury and promote long-term wellness, you should approach spring training slowly, but steadily.

Men, are you ready to start spring training? Here are some TITLE tips to make the most of your conditioning sessions!

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Health Basics: What are Strokes and How Can I Prevent Them?

With American Heart month coming to a close, we’re highlighting one cardiovascular disease that is the 4th leading cause of death among men — stroke. While it’s true that stroke is more common among men 65+, it can strike at any age and cause paralysis or even death.

The good news? 80% of all strokes can be prevented. By arming yourself with information, men, you can work to lower your stroke risk factors, plus be able to recognize if you’re actually having a stroke.

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Men, It’s Time to Start Lowering Cholesterol

Part of promoting your heart health involves watching your cholesterol. Research has proved a link between those with high levels of “bad” cholesterol and heart disease and stroke, plus other heart health risk factors like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

We’re here to share the basics on cholesterol and a few TITLE tips for lowering cholesterol to a healthy level.

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