Women: Protect Yourself From Sexual Assault

Since 2001, Sexual Assault Awareness Month has been observed in April. Dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence and spreading knowledge about prevention, the month is a good time for women and men alike to learn the facts about sexual assault.

According to recent statistics, 1 in 6 adult American women has experienced an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime; for men, the rate is 1 in 33. And as you may know, most sexual assaults are not committed by unknown individuals — 73% were perpetrated by non-strangers — which is why prevention efforts must also focus on sexual assault by known assailants.

To observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month and help empower women against attempted sexual assault, we’re sharing some tips for arming yourself against sexual assault.

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Seven Simple Steps to Improve Women’s Health

Sometimes, the road to a healthier you can seem long and daunting. That’s why we recommend setting realistic monthly goals for your fitness, as attempting to tackle too much at once can be overwhelming and even dangerous.

The same is true when it comes to making a to-do list for your overall wellness. Though it’s great to be concerned about your health, by being too overzealous when it comes to health goals and changes, you can actually put yourself at risk.

To make the process easier for you, we’re outlining seven simple steps women can take to improve their health starting today.

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Women Over 50: See Our TITLE Tips for Stress Reduction

Stress can impact people of all ages, but did you know that chronic stress can be most dangerous in women over 50?

As stress builds and isn’t dealt with, it can build tension in the body. The tension can manifest as any number of physical issues, including:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Chest pains

As your body grows less resilient over time, it’s important for women to lead a healthier lifestyle so that the body can better repair itself. Here are our TITLE tips for stress reduction in women over 50.

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How Does Exercise Help Women Lower Cancer Risk?

A recent study gives hope to any woman wanting to lower cancer risk: by simply adding an hour of moderate physical activity to each day, women can reduce their risk for breast cancer.

The latest research out of France analyzed studies covering more than 4 million women and discovered that more active women were less likely to develop breast cancer. The most active women, logging an hour or more of exercise per day, saw the most benefit, lowering their cancer risk by 12%.

Still, there was a lower risk of cancer in all women who were active, regardless of age, race, and how many years they were physically active.

How exactly does exercise lower cancer risk? Here are the details!

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How Women’s Nutritional Needs Differ From Men’s

You may think that a healthy diet plan that works for you should also work for most men you know.

While it is true general guidelines for nutrition are applicable for both men and women, like in many other regards, the sexes are different — which means that our nutritional needs are different, too.

What are the main ways our nutritional needs diverge? Here are the details.

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Women’s Health Basics: What is Endometriosis?

Even though it affects over 176 million women, chances are you may not have heard of endometriosis before. March is Endometriosis Awareness Month — the perfect time to educate yourself on this women’s health problem.

What exactly is endometriosis, and how does it affect women? TITLE Boxing Club shares the basics below.

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Top Women’s Health Problems

March is Women’s History Month! As we celebrate the accomplishments of female icons through the years, from women’s rights crusaders to female politicians to famous female athletes, it’s also important to remember the women of the present day. Women can’t continue to make history if they aren’t in good health — that’s why we must pay attention to these top women’s health issues.

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Women: Have You Scheduled Your Annual Check Up?

With daylight savings time approaching, you might be thinking of “springing back” — but at TITLE Boxing Club, we’re encouraging women to Spring Into Action. This not only includes stepping up your exercise routine, but also evaluating your overall health and lifestyle habits.

As a part of our Spring Into Action Initiative, we’ve compiled a list of health check ups that all women should get. Check them out and see if you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment, stat.

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Women: Did You Know Your Happiness is Linked to Heart Health?

As we explained in our post on heart health basics, there are a number of risk factors that can increase a woman’s chance of developing heart disease, and a host of ways to decrease your heart disease risk factors.

Stress, depression, and other mental  issues are among the top heart disease risk factors for women — so it only makes sense that opposing emotions like happiness are linked to heart health.

How exactly are heart health and happiness linked? Get the details here!

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TITLE Tips for Women’s Heart Health

As we mentioned in our last post, February’s designation as American Heart Health month makes it the perfect time for women to educate themselves on fighting heart disease.

Although much focus is put on combating heart health issues in men, adult women need to take the same amount of care when it comes to their heart health. There are many ways that women can reduce their risk of heart disease: see our TITLE tips below!

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