How to Replenish After a Crazy Sweaty Power Hour

It’s that “hell yes” feeling after you’ve just pushed through a Power Hour. Your lungs are burning, your arms and legs are shaking; you are dripping sweat. YOU DID IT! Now, you get to move on with the rest of your day feeling great (after a shower of course!). But don’t forget that your body has just gone through some intense training and lost a lot of sweat, so you need serious replenishment.

If you push yourself hard enough in a TITLE Boxing Club workout, you probably use up your muscles’ stored glycogen which is your body’s fuel source, break down muscle due to the intense resistance training and sweat up to 1-2 liters plus lose electrolytes in the body. Um, let’s fix that!

Here’s how to replenish and restore what you’ve lost so you can start gaining results:

1.    Replenish Glycogen

  • Consume foods that have a high glycemic index within two hours after your workout to replenish depleted glycogen levels in the muscle.
  • High GI foods raise your insulin levels, which allows protein, carbs and other nutrients to be delivered to your muscles.
  • Choose a carbohydrate beverage mixed with a scoop of protein powder to refuel your muscles.

2.    Rehydrate with Water

  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day to stay hydrated even before you hit the bag.
  • Drink 8-10 ounces of water throughout your workout and the same amount within 30 minutes after your workout.

3.    Balance Electrolytes

  • Drink at least 12 ounces of an electrolyte replacement drink after your workout.
  • Reducing your sodium intake in general can help increase your body’s ability to retain sodium during exercise.

Easy & Healthy Dessert Ideas

If you have a sweet tooth, but also like to eat healthy, it doesn’t mean you have to pass up on sweet treats. We have some easy, delicious and healthy ideas for your dessert craving that will keep your healthy eating habits in check.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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Chop and freeze two to three bananas. Once frozen, place your banana pieces into your blender or food processer with two tablespoons of water or almond milk and blend until smooth. Add two tablespoons of your favorite peanut butter and one tablespoon of cocoa powder and mix well. Transfer to a bowl and eat immediately.

Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding

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Combine one cup of coconut milk and a handful of raspberries in a blender until smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of chia seeds. Stir together and place in fridge for a few hours, then enjoy.

No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

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1 cup natural peanut butter
1 cup vanilla protein powder
½ cup honey
2-3 cups of your favorite mix ins (sunflower seeds, coconut, chia seeds, chopped almonds, etc.)

Simply mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Once ingredients are combined, use your hands to roll into 1/2 inch balls. Place the protein balls into a storage container with a lid and store in the fridge. They’ll stay fresh at least a week, but we bet they’ll go much quicker than that.

Do you have a delicious go-to heathy dessert that you want to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

17 Ways to Celebrate Yourself this Summer

It’s the summer of loving yourself! Not the type of pseudo-love in the form of dolled-up selfies or false fronts we put on about confidence. We’re talking about truly loving who you are, flaws and all, and celebrating the authentic and sincere you. How do we begin? Here are 17 small but real ways to begin celebrating yourself and your life this summer!

 1. Be kind to your body and exercise more often. This form of self care affects every part of your life, from your physical health to your mental health and confidence. Find a workout that you love like TITLE and aim to do it 3-5 times a week.

 2. Do the things you love to do. Love hiking? Painting? Singing? Then do it, often. Your hobbies bring you in tune to your true passions and allow you to express your creativity where work sometimes cannot.

 3. Dance weird. That old saying, “Dance like no one is watching,” is so true. Dance in your living room, with your friends, or at a party without any apologies and love every second of it!

 4. Stop comparing yourself to others. This type of self-hate has no place in your life from now on! You are you for a reason, so stop trying to look and act like others.

 5. Get rid of all of the negative (this includes people). Negativity breeds negativity. Surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences is one of the most important ways to love yourself.

 6. Forgive the past and yourself. Holding on to past mistakes or heartbreak can cloud your happiness in the present. Learn to let go of the past so you can learn to be content with who you are today.

 7. Take a healthy risk. When was the last time you did something spontaneous like scuba diving or trying a new food? Taking risks keeps life fresh and helps you realize how fun you are!

8. Laugh out loud. We’re talking about from-the-belly laughter, the kind that makes you snort and cry. Watch your favorite funny movie or get together with friends and tell old stories and truly let it out.

9. Don’t be so serious all the time. There’s a time and place for seriousness, but when you don’t need to be, allow yourself to smile and not take life so seriously, especially over matters like work and money.

10. Be grateful and appreciate your life. Waking up every morning and simply saything “thanks” for another day helps get you on the right track to loving the life you have.

11. Stop complaining to yourself and to others. Complaining, especially about things you cannot change, never solves anything. Focus on what is good and positive in your life daily.

12. Get outside more often. Being in nature, even if it’s just a simple walk with your dog, helps to reset your batteries and helps you appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

13. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. An exciting day trip to somewhere you’ve never been helps you realize all that this world has to offer. Stepping outside of your routine is good for your soul.

14. Smile. Need we say more?

15. Stop judging others. You’d never want someone to judge your choices or appearance, so why do it to others? Judging is usually a reflection on your own confidence, so avoid it altogether.

16. Make home comfy and have a party every day. Light a candle, turn up the music and cook really great food every day at home. Small improvements in your atmosphere helps to bring out the fun vibes in life.

17. Wake up earlier. Give yourself some time each morning to do what you love, like drinking a cup of coffee, taking a walk or reading the news. Rushing around in the morning only adds to your unhappiness each day.

Back to Basics: How to Wrap Your Hands

You’re running late for class. You rush into TITLE Boxing Club and throw your bag into a locker, unravel your wraps and start flinging fabric around your hands. Is it under and around the knuckles or over and in between? Three wraps around the wrist or six? Before you know it you’re slapping the Velcro together and moving into warm up position. Good enough.

But wait! Wrapping your hands properly is important because it helps you avoid nasty knuckle scrapes and hand or wrist injuries from whacking the heavy bag.

Unless you’re like our friend at TITLE Boxing Club Cancun, famous for his 10-second hand wrapping, it’s going to take us all a minute or two to wrap our hands properly so our knuckles and wrists have lots of protection and security.

Let’s get back to the basics and learn how to wrap our hands for the first time (or fifth). Here’s a great video from TITLE Boxing Club Knoxville with Ashley showing you a basic hand wrap.

Michael from TITLE Boxing Club NYC shows you another hand wrap variation here.

Clearly, there’s no right way to wrap your hands; it’s all about personal preference and making sure you are protected in the wrists and knuckles. But, there is a wrong way! Never wrap your hands too tightly because you could cut off circulation which causes all sorts of bad things to happen. You should be able to make a fist comfortably and your hands should feel good inside your gloves. If they don’t, take the gloves off and try again. Now, go Hit it Hard!

Back to Basics: Why Boxing is the Workout that Works

This month, we’re getting back to the basics. We’re dropping our fad diets and lame workouts, putting away our excuses and wrapping up our hands for some good ol’ fashioned sweat sessions at TITLE. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what other people are trying in health and fitness, and we forget that results will only come when we put in the hard work. So, what makes boxing such a great workout? Let’s recap and get back to the basics.

Full Body Blast

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Ask anyone about his or her first class at TITLE Boxing Club and you’ll probably be met with something like “best workout ever,” or “kicked my butt.” Punching and kicking a 100 pound heavy bag is new for most people, and the intensity of making contact with the bag hundreds of times in a class works every part of your body. Plus, TITLE Boxing Club workouts including a 15-minute warm-up with callisthenic drills like jumping jacks, squat jumps, shadow boxing and high knees, all designed to work your entire body and get your heart rate up before the real deal begins.

Strengthens Your Core

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When you throw a proper punch or power into a kick, your entire core is engaged. You’re moving and twisting through the abdominals to fire strong, precise blows one after the other, meaning your midsection gets a serious workout. Plus, TITLE Boxing Club workouts include 15 minutes of core exercises at the end of class, so your midsection is engaged throughout the entire Power Hour, leading to impressive strength. Hello, abs, nice to finally meet you.

Improves Speed & Agility

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Watching a boxer move at lightening speed around the opponent is a thing of amazement. It’s all because of the reactive motions and footwork needed to follow a moving target while preparing to strike. With time (and some Personal Training mitt work!), your technique will improve, allowing you to naturally flow into a fast rhythm of punch or kick combinations. Plus you’ll notice improved hand-eye coordination, meaning better balance and agility – all good things for those of us who tend to feel athletically awkward!

Tones Without Bulking

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FOBU, “Fear of Bulking Up,” is real. Fine, we just made it up – but for some people, being toned and strong is more important than getting unrealistically huge. Welcome to boxing, my friends. There’s no better way to get long and lean arms and legs, because boxing targets your back, shoulders, arms, core, glutes, quads and calves. It leaves nothing out, and we love that.

Makes You Feel Better

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We all know that good exercise helps to decrease stress by increasing endorphins. And while a long, sweaty run outside on a beautiful day is always a good go-to, there’s something so gratifying about making physical contact with something and letting it all go. The stress of your job, home, and life in general is left on the bag with every jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Throw your punches and throw away your worries. Works every time.

Un-Boring Cardio

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If we have to spend another minute on a treadmill or elliptical staring at TV shows we can’t hear, we might lose it. Thanks to TITLE Boxing Club, the days of dreadful cardio are done. Boxing and kickboxing classes, by nature, safely increase your heart rate and burn calories steadily for the cardiovascular health benefits we need. Because of the intensity of class and the need to pay attention to the trainer shouting combinations, the rounds fly by and before you know it the hour is done and you’re feeling amazing.

Real Life Tips for Being a Morning Workout Person

Mornings are rough for all of us. But how do some manage to turn on their superhero powers and get out of their warm cozy bed to go workout? It’s all about being easy on your brain when it hasn’t even had a chance to wake up yet! Plan, prepare and leave your excuses on the pillow with these tips from the TITLE Boxing Club Marketing Team.

As a mom, Audrey knows the struggle of balancing your own routine with your family’s needs. Her practical ideas are invaluable:


“Set two alarms – one by the bed and one that makes you actually get out of bed to turn it off on the other side of the room. Also, have everything ready to go like your gym bag, work clothes, kids clothes, lunches, water and snacks the night before. You can even pack some of your things in your car the night before so it’s less you need to grab in the morning.” – Audrey, Brand Manager

Brooke is a busy professional who is constantly on the go and traveling for work, so planning ahead is a priority. Here are some of her go-to methods.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.01.01 PM

“Schedule your workouts ahead of time in your planner like you would any other appointment and make sure you keep it. Setting time aside for yourself and your health is key. Also, put your workout clothes by your bed the night before so you have one less thing to think about and create an excuse for in the morning.” – Brooke, Senior Director of Marketing

Planning a wedding on top of a demanding work schedule is a stressful reality for Jenna. Here are her tips for staying on track through busy times.

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“Plan your workouts with a friend or your significant other. You’d never bail on them for happy hour, so you won’t skip out on your workout plans either! Also, fall asleep (meaning no Instagram in bed) at least 8 hours before your alarm is set to go off. When it does, you’ll know lack of sleep isn’t an excuse for hitting snooze!” – Jenna, Digital Marketing Coordinator

5 (Funky) Fresh Ways to Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

The winter isn’t just rough on our skin and hair; our workout routines can suffer as well through the bitterly cold weather and short, dark days. It can make us seriously unambitious, prone to comfy clothes and Pinterest, and leaves us in a funk! The good news is the birds are chirping, the tulips are blooming and spring is right around the corner. So let’s talk about cleaning up our workout routines and getting back to our favorite healthy habits. (Yes—healthy habits can be your favorite!)

Plan Tonight for an Easy Tomorrow

Before you go to sleep, pick out your workout clothes and set them by your bed for an easy, no-excuses outfit that you can throw on when your alarm wakes you up early for that 5:00 a.m. Power Hour. It’s even smart to prep your water bottle, protein powder or snack with your gym bag the night before so you don’t forget anything when you have to get up and go.

Eat (a Big) Breakfast

Not a morning workout person? Begin your day early anyway and make a big, nutritious breakfast with protein that will kick-start your metabolism. Eating like a king or queen in the morning will give your body nourishment for the start of your jam-packed day, and help you stay energized until your evening workout.

Treat Yo-self

Warmer weather is as good an excuse as any to treat yourself to a new pair of workout pants, new Nikes or those TITLE boxing gloves you’ve been eyeing. New workout gear is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to get back into your routine and look great doing it!

Be a Tall Drink of Water

Don’t want to get up and turn off The Bachelor to do anything cardio related? Us, too. The lack of energy and willpower is real. But the solution is simple! Drink more water. (Think: probably a gallon more!) Not only does more water in your diet help your energy, but it also helps to beat the bloat. Hello, you tall drink of water, you! Plus, staying hydrated means you recover faster and you can get to your next TITLE class without any serious struggle. Take note: water down, power up!

Keep a Journal – For Real

“Has it really been two weeks since I’ve worked out?” We all know the feeling. Between work, family and relationships, we tend to forget that oh-so-important “me time.” Start keeping a journal or a list in your phone of all of your workouts. Accountability is key for progress!

It Takes Two: Partner workouts that rock

Everything is better when you do it together. When it comes to working out, having a partner means that you’re more likely to stick to it, stay into it, and achieve better results. So in honor of Valentine’s Week (yes, we’ve extended it to a whole week), grab your favorite gym partner and try one of these workouts that require two to work:

1.     Resistance bands

Using resistance bands with a partner provides two distinct benefits. The first is that you have more places to anchor it, and the second is that force can be applied in opposition to yours.

a.      Tricep extensions – Face your partner, right foot in front of the left, holding one end of an exercise band in your right hand while your partner holds the other in their left. Bend forward at your hips with your knees slightly bent, and contract your abs. Slowly straighten your arm to pull back the band, then return to start. Complete 12 reps, then switch arms and repeat.

b.     Band jumps – Stand in front of your partner, facing opposite directions. Loop the resistance band around your waist, with your partner holding one end in each hand, knees slightly bent, and hips slightly back for stability. Step forward until there’s light tension in the band. Jump forward as far as possible by bending your knees, hips back and core tight, exploding up and forward. Step back and repeat for 8 to 12 reps, then switch roles.

2.     Medicine Ball
Adding a medicine ball allows partners to pass and toss the ball back and forth, improving coordination and increasing muscle power more than can easily be done alone.

a.      Orbit twist & pass – Stand back to back with your partner. Holding the medicine ball in both hands, turn to your right while your partner turns left, and pass them the ball over your right shoulder. Then, turn to the opposite side and pass the ball back again, this time low by your left knee. Repeat for 10-15 reps, then switch directions, this time turning left first.

b.     Forward-backward lunges – Stand facing each other about one foot apart. Hold the medicine ball at chest height and step forward with your right foot. Simultaneously your partner will step backward with their left foot. Both of you will sink into a lunge by bending the front and back knees 90 degrees, keeping knees over ankles, back straight, and core tight. At the bottom of the lunge, pass the medicine ball to your partner before pushing off and returning to your starting positions. Now, switch feet and do it in reverse. Repeat for 8 to 12 reps, then change sides.

3.     Bodyweight
Partnering up means that not only do you have your own bodyweight to provide resistance, you have someone else’s to leverage as well.

a.      Wheelbarrow push-up squats – While your partner is in a high plank position, stand at their feet. Slowly take one of their feet in each hand until they’re in a “wheelbarrow” position. Simultaneously, while your partner bends at the elbows into a push-up, you lower into a squat with your back straight, core tight, and knees in line with ankles. As they pushes up to return to start position, you stands. Repeat for 8 to 12 reps, then switch roles.

b.     Roundhouse – Stand facing each other, 2 to 3 feet apart, with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and hands in fists next to chin. Bring your right foot in toward your left, then kicks right leg up and out while your partner squats low to duck under it. Switch roles as they kick their right leg up and over your low squat. Do 50 kicks total, switching legs halfway through.

Obviously, these are just a few of the things you can do with a partner that you can’t do by yourself. Try incorporating claps into solo moves, take turns doing things, or even start a friendly competition over who can go longer or do more. And the best part is you’ll probably be having more fun while you do it.

Valentine’s Dates for Fit Couples

They say that the couple that trains together, stays together. So why not save the cheat day and spend Valentine’s day bonding with your significant other over a shared workout? There’s a pretty good chance that your shared passion for fitness is a big part of why you’re together in the first place. This year, ditch the chocolate and wine and try one of these active Valentine’s Dates instead:

1.     Go for a run – Whether it’s on the road or on side-by-side treadmills, matching pace is great way to feel connected while you both get in some quality cardio.

2.     Share a class – Couple up for partners yoga, or if that’s not your thing, explore a new class together for the first time. Choose something challenging to let you bond through shared adversity.

3.     Team up for a game – Sports provide the perfect framework for a little playful competition. Try going love-love in a game of tennis or get one-on-one with a game of basketball, just don’t forget whose side you’ll want to be on later.

4.     Give each other a spot – Show that you can put up, with each other. Giving each other a spot while you lift let’s to work together, connect through physical contact, and be supportive both literally and figuratively.

5.     Get your groove on – Something fast paced like salsa dancing can get you hot at the same time it makes your muscles burn. Not only will moving your bodies together in rhythm feel sexy, it’s also a great aerobic workout.

6.     Take a hike – No seriously, get out of town and, weather permitting, out into the wilderness. Hiking, mountain biking or even rock climbing are great partner activities that work a wide variety of muscles and require you to work together on pathfinding and providing support.

7.     Throw down – Be a lover and a fighter with some time together in the ring. Boxing and kickboxing both give you an intense workout and can burn up to 1,000 calories* in a single session.

8.     Be cutting edge – Strap on a pair of ice skates and take some spins around the rink. You may be cold on the outside, but by the time you’re done you’ll be all warm and tingly on the inside.

Whatever you decide to do, just do it together. It’s all just about getting your hearts pumping right?

Fitting in your fitness: How 5 busy moms make time to work out

With summer winding down, it’s time to think about getting back into the routine of an activity-filled fall. The challenge, of course, will be making time to keep up your fitness routine as school season kicks into high gear. So we talked to 5 of the busiest moms we know to find out how they fit it all into their over-scheduled lives.

“Work out before the day gets away from you” – Ashley, 28

As work, activities and other commitments start to pile up, it becomes less and less likely that you’ll have time for your workout. Plan your workout for first thing in the morning when your routine is more scheduled, and before delays and other obligations begin to add up.

“Whatever workout you have time for is better than no workout at all” – Jen, 34

A workout doesn’t have to take a whole hour—in as little as 10 minutes, you can get in a decent workout. It’s much easier to squeeze in 6 short bursts of exercise than it is to find an entire hour straight where you have nowhere else to be.

“So what if you have to skip the gym, just don’t skip your workout” – Bethany, 31 

Who says that your workout has to happen in the gym? Ride your bike to work, go to yoga at lunch, do leg lifts at your desk. Between cardio, plyometrics and other bodyweight exercises, you can get in some quick exercise no matter where you are.

“Multitask at the gym just like you do in the office” – Ali, 27

Doing two things at one will cut your gym time in half. Compound exercises help you hit more than one muscle group at a time, and adding weights to your cardio is just plain more efficient. It’s all about making the most of the time you have.

“Turn your workout time into quality time” – Kate, 38

One of the best parts of working out is that you don’t have to do it alone. Instead of coffee, catch up with friends at a group fitness class. Play a pickup game. Go for a jog. There are lots of ways to fit other people into your workout routine.

We also find that putting your workout on your schedule in black and white is the first step to making sure it actually happens. That way instead of trying to fit a work out in, you’ll have to schedule around it.

What are your best tricks for finding time to work out? Let us know, we’d love to hear!