A Guy’s Guide to Mother’s Day

We know you appreciate the women in your life. We also know that dates (and holidays) can be hard to remember. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Here is a foolproof guide to help you celebrate the woman in your life, whether it is your mom, wife, aunt or grandmother.

Start the Day Right

husband brings breakfast to wife on mothers day

Mother’s Day should be an all day affair. It doesn’t have to be exhausting- just find ways throughout the day to show your appreciation for the woman in your life. Start bright and early. What could be better than a homemade breakfast surprise?

Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

  • Cut up fresh fruit and toss together in a big bowl

  • Make a simple breakfast casserole filled with eggs and veggies

  • Top your waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit

  • Serve granola with greek yogurt for a healthy and filling parfait

  • Don’t forget hot coffee, fruit juice and milk

The Little Things

They say that the little things matter the most. For mother’s day, try to do those little things that she’ll appreciate. It can be anything: maybe you’ll vacuum without being asked or offer to take the kids to the park so she can relax. Be creative to find the little things that will surprise her.

Quality Time

Spend time with her this year. Most moms don’t expect a huge party, but instead they’d be pleasantly surprised by an afternoon blocked off for family time. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you enjoy the time together:

  • family trip to the park

  • homemade dinner and movie date

  • hiking at the local nature area

  • game tournament with card and board games

  • surprise her with a day trip to a local shopping area or winery

The Perfect Gift

Finding the right gift doesn’t have to be hard. Think about what she enjoys. Is your mom an avid reader? Maybe she’d like an e-reader or a gift card to the bookstore. Is your wife starting to get into yoga? Find a new yoga mat and bag for her new hobby.

The standby flowers and chocolates don’t have to be cliche. Visit the florist and ask for a nice arrangement of her favorite flowers. Maybe your sweetheart enjoys fruit more than chocolate truffles. There are awesome options for monthly fruit baskets or fruit bouquets. If your mom loves baking, she might appreciate a cupcake from the local bakery.

At TITLE Boxing Club, we celebrate the moms around us. We’re proud of the women we work with every day and we’re happy to honor them this Mother’s Day!


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    Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day. It’s a great day to make sure that Mom’s have nothing to worry about, and they shown the love and appreciation they deserve.

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