Benefits of Boxing Workouts

Boxing is more than just a combat sport for the rough and tumble. You can find a cardio workout, toning exercises and strength training in a boxing workout. Boxing workouts combine different techniques to create a total-body workout.

Want to know how a boxing workout boosts your fitness and health? We’ll list benefits of boxing workouts to show you just a glimpse of the awesome results you can have.

Boxing Workout Benefits

Losing Weight

A high intensity boxing workout burns an insane amount of calories. You can burn up to 1,000 calories* in one hour at TITLE Boxing Club. Compared to other cardio, boxing packs a major punch. The combination of moves helps you burn calories and reach weight loss goals or maintain your weight.

Balance and Strength

Boxing workouts challenge you to stay agile. The quick and focused movements improve your balance. You’ll also see strong, toned muscles.

Mood Booster

If you’re battling a bad day or anger, you’ll be amazed at how you feel after a boxing workout. Kicking and punching have natural way of releasing anger. Exercise is an incredible stress relief tactic, so an hour long boxing workout can refresh you and take the weight off your shoulders.

Low Impact

You won’t get hit — there’s little chance of injury since you’re boxing with the bag. Compared to running, boxing workouts are lower impact since there is less lower body movement.

Improved Confidence

While you’re boxing, there is some seriously happy science going on in your body. The brain releases endorphins that improve confidence and boost the mood. When you need some pep in your step, a boxing workout is a perfect answer.

Increased Energy

Yes, boxing workouts require energy, but they also increase your energy levels. People leave class rejuvenated.

Are you ready?

Think you’re ready for the impressive benefits of a boxing workout? Visit the club near you to try your first shot free — you get a full one-hour boxing workout led by an experienced trainer for free on your first visit to the club!



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