How to Avoid Exercise Burnout

Although most people would probably admit to exercising too little for their own good, it’s actually possible to be overactive.

You might think that this wouldn’t be too bad for your health, but overexertion carries its own risks such as injury, muscle fatigue and lasting soreness, appetite loss, exhaustion after workouts, and trouble sleeping. These are all symptoms of exercise burnout.

If you’ve ever been highly-motivated to stay active, but then felt exhausted soon after starting your regular routine, you might have experienced exercise burnout. Here are some TITLE Tips to help you stay active and avoid exercise burnout!

Avoiding Exercise Burnout

Beginners: Start Slow

When you’re eager to take charge of your health and get fit, it can be easy to be overzealous. But when you’re just starting out, it’s key to go slow. Don’t push yourself to exercise too often — two 30-minute sessions a week is a great foundation, and you can add in more exercise as the weeks progress.

TITLE Boxing Club | How to Avoid Exercise BurnoutYou should not only adjust the duration of your exercise, but also the intensity. Begin with lower reps and sets when doing strength training and cardio routines so that your body is best conditioned. If you’re trying a TITLE Boxing Club boxing or kickboxing class for the first time, don’t be afraid to modify your movements or take things more slowly than your classmates. By incrementally increasing your workout, you lessen your chances of feeling exercise burnout.

Allow Recovery Time

You don’t have to exercise every day to make an impact. You should allow yourself some days for recovery, particularly if you are just starting out. This is because your body sees exercise as a stressor, so it will need a break from working out or else you’ll experience exercise burnout. You don’t have to lounge on the couch, though — you can do active recovery so that your body is still engaged. By giving your body enough time to recover, you’ll prevent exercise burnout.

Change it Up

Changing up the content and intensity of your workout is key to avoiding exercise burnout. Doing the same routine over and over will not only be mentally tiresome, but it can also wear out your muscles because of the repetitive motion. Be sure to vary the exercises you’re doing as well as the intensity you’re working out at. You want to make at least small changes to your workout at least every 4 weeks, and totally change your routine every 8 – 12 weeks. It’s also a good idea to try 2-3 different routines each week.

Prevent Exercise Burnout at TITLE Boxing Club

Working out at TITLE Boxing Club is a great away to avoid exercise burnout. You can choose from boxing or kickboxing classes with multiple trainers, so no two Power Hour will be the same. Plus our trainers change up the full-body routines regularly, keeping things fresh and stopping you from feeling exercise burnout. You can join your local TITLE Boxing Club to Hit It as hard as you want — feel free to adjust your intensity as needed.

Get started today — find your local TITLE Boxing Club today!


  1. Terrence Woodard says

    Great Points, because I have been feeling it lifting weights… this week I’m doing it different, playing basketball for a leg workout. My elbows have been hurting, I have been lifting heavy too much

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