How to pick a personal trainer

When you think about picking a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you must take into consideration their personality, people skills, professionalism, experience, education and location. When all these elements are taken into consideration, you’re bound to find a win-win situation for you and your personal trainer.

The personal trainers at TITLE Boxing Club locations are all committed to challenging our members to be better in every session. We are proud of our dedicated trainers — each of them has a little grit, a lot of energy and the fitness know-how to help you get into shape and have fun while doing so.

How to pick a personal trainer: basic factors


Personality is one of the most important factors in choosing a personal trainer. You’re going to be sweating, moving and learning new things with this person. Your personalities should click. Meet a few trainers before you blindly settle on one to work with. You’ll see better results if you like your trainer and look forward to your workout sessions.

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You might not realize that picking a personal trainer involves checking the professionalism of your prospective trainers. It’s actually an extremely important factor — your trainer should take his or her job seriously. Ask trainers about how they work with clients to set and achieve goals. Find out if there is a set process for monitoring progress.

If you get the chance to do a trial run with a few personal trainers, watch how they spend their time. Are they ready on time? Do they pull their phones out during your workout? Watch the little cues to help you pick a personal trainer that will make your investment worth it.

Experience and education

A trainer’s experience and education is a huge factor for picking a personal trainer. More experience and education generally produces better results, but you can also gain from working with a trainer who is just finishing education. If you’re looking for a specific type of training, you may need to ask several questions about a trainer’s background.


If the trainer you love works at a gym that’s a 45 minute drive from your house, you may need to think twice about your choice. Location is huge when you’re planning to work out with a trainer on several times a week. An inconvenient location can be a huge challenge — most of us are less motivated to meet up with a trainer if it is out of the way. Find a conveniently located TITLE Boxing Club near you.


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    I think it’s important to find a trainer that motivates you the way you need to be motivated. If you don’t respond well to a demeaning type of motivation, you don’t want to work with a drill sergeant type of trainer.

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    Great tips for picking a personal trainer. Personality and job professionalism is very important to me. I need to know that the amount of money i’m spending on this session is being taken serious and I expect full attention as well as enjoyment/results.

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    Personality is huge for me. I wouldn’t wan’t a personal trainer that didn’t “get” me and my personality. It would be hard to workout with someone or take instruction from someone if your personalities didn’t align. Thanks for the tips

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    Great Things that you have shared in your blog and also this would be very helpful as well as important things for picking a personal trainer.

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