Interval Training for Better Results

Interval training is a type of training that usually dramatically shortens workout sessions and maximizes weight loss. It’s a great time-saving exercise routine. Interval training can help suppress your short term appetite. Check out the ways interval training can improve your results!

Interval training consists of alternating periods of high intensity exercises and low intensity ones with slow recovery phases in between. These are repeated during one exercise session.

man interval training workout

Interval training includes four variables:

1. time or distance

2. intensity of the workout

3. recover time

4. number of repetitions

A good interval session works both the aerobic and anaerobic system.

Research Shows the Power of Interval Training

It has been shown that overweight men who did thirty minutes of intense exercise intervals ate 170 fewer calories one hour after a workout as compared to those who performed moderate exercises. This dip in calorie consumption has been shown to be related to altered levels of the hormones that are related to exercise and metabolites.The hormone that is usually suppressed is ghrelin, which is a hunger stimulating hormone. There is an increase in blood lactate and blood glucose, which play a role in the suppression of short term food intake.

So, interval training can affect your calorie intake. The process causes you to eat fewer calories post-workout than if you were to workout at a consistent rate.

For this interval training to be effective, the workouts should be at an average of 75 to 80 percent of the maximum heart rate during the entire thirty minute workout.

Advantages of interval training

  • Cardiovascular workout – improve the heart’s ability to pump blood and oxygen to the active muscles
  • Lead yourself – interval training can be done at home or with a group of friends.
  • Burn more calories faster
  • Improve endurance

Check out our next post for more interval training information and to see how you can implement it into your fitness routine. The trainers at TITLE Boxing Club love helping our clients make better fitness choices. Check out the classes and personal training options at your club to see how they can help you make the most of your workouts!


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