No more takeout: Why learning how to cook is worth it

It’s 5:30 pm and you’re leaving the office. Your microwaveable meal at lunch left you more than a little hungry. As you drive home you run through dinner options. Chinese, pizza or takeout from the local Italian restaurant — what’s the selection for the night?

We’ve all been in a similar position. If you don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, you might resort to eating out or frozen meals most days. The bad news is that most of us don’t make very healthy choices when we order off the delivery menu or pull a boxed meal from the freezer.

The good news: learning how to cook isn’t that scarybaby learn how to cook

Cooking intimidates some people. Cooking healthy meals for yourself doesn’t have to be hard. Learning how to cook will do a world of difference for your eating habits.

Here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge and learn how to cook:

  • save money by eating out less

  • fill up on fresh ingredients

  • improve your diet

  • control your portions

  • cook for others to entertain

  • reduce your intake of junk food

But I’m too busy to learn how to cook!

There are plenty of resources around you. Does a friend serve up delicious dinners for you? Do you have a relative nearby who impresses you with home cooked family meals? Ask these chefs to be your personal cooking coach. Most people love to show others around the kitchen. Spend an evening together cooking and enjoying your creation.

There are blogs for every type of food online. You can download free apps that explain the basics of cooking. Search for tips and guides that fit your taste and skill level. As you’re learning how to cook, don’t overdo it. Start with one technique or food at a time.

What’s your first step toward learning how to cook? Let us know what your favorite healthy homemade meal is. Stay up to date with TITLE Boxing Club on Facebook for more healthy living tips and stories.


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    Something important to remember is, not everything you make is going to turn out perfect or how you thought it would, but the more you cook (or practice) the better you will get. Figure out what you are good at and expand on it.

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    In the past year I have been cooking a lot more and have actually become pretty decent at it. With making that change I can portion control so much easier! When I go out to eat the portions are always too large and for some reason I feel the need to consume it all, which results in being uncomfortable and miserable rather than pleasantly full.

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    The amount of food you can purchase for the same amount you spend eating out is enough to make me want to cook instead of eat out. Financially it makes sense and by me cooking, I know exactly what is going into my food and into my body.

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    I remember the days of frozen meals and ramen back in college; I would say that the single most noticable way to see improvement in your body (and the way you feel!) is to include more home-cooked meals into your diet. Like you pointed out, one benefit to cooking your own meals out of fresh ingredients is the ability to manage your portions better. When you order something off of a menu, you would like to assume–and it would be MUCH better for the U.S. if we did do it this way–that you are getting a portion that is enough to fill you up, tastes great, and doesn’t break the bank. It truly is unfortunate that we don’t approach serving size in restaurants like we should! Great advice!

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    I always seem to cook too much food and have a lot left over. I have found if you get freezer paper or freezer safe tupperware, you can save the food you don’t eat in individual portions so you can easily have lunches for whenever or even a quick dinner one night.

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    One of the biggest reasons I believe people don’t cook often and result to freezer made meals, takeout or fast food is because of the time it takes to prepare and cook meals. One thing you can do to help manage your time in the kitchen is spend a day figuring out what you want to eat for the week, go to the market to purchase fresh ingredients and then come home and prep for the week. Chop up the veggies and fruits you’ll need (the ones that will still stay fresh until you need them). Prepare breakfast and lunches you can easily grab and go with. All the little things like this add up. You will find that cooking won’t take as much of your time this way.

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    Cooking your own meals is so much more rewarding than finding the easy way out and going to the drive through. In comparison to eating out all the time, cooking actually saves a significant amount of money too.

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