Bump, Set, Spike!

Try a new workout this month, and take some friends to your park’s sand volleyball courts (or beach if you have one!) Playing volleyball is always a fun summer activity, but working out in the sand is a great way to amp up your workout. It’s a good way to blow off some steam after a long day at work or staying home with the kids. Plus, it burns some serious calories.

Calories Burned – 60 Minutes

Regular Volleyball :

  • 100 lbs: 263 calories

  • 125 lbs: 328 calories

  • 150 lbs: 394 calories

  • 175 lbs: 459 calories

  • 200 lbs: 525 calories

Sand Volleyball :

  • 100 lbs: 363 calories

  • 125 lbs: 454 calories

  • 150 lbs: 545 calories

  • 175 lbs: 635 calories

  • 200 lbs: 726 calories Sand Volleyball

As you can see, playing volleyball in the sand can burn over 100 calories more than playing regular volleyball. Why not add a fun twist to an old favorite and get healthier in the process?

Why Sand Volleyball?

Playing regular volleyball is always fun, but working out in the sand always gets your heart pumping a little more. When maneuvering through the uneven surface, you are forced to use your core to help stabilize yourself. Leg muscles such as your calves and quads also get a great workout while running to defend the ball. Playing on sand is also easier on your joints than running on a hard gym floor.

Form a Team

If you’re feeling competitive, try getting a team together and play in a league. Figure out what everyone’s strengths are, and form positions based on those. If you can’t find a larger team, try playing two on two. You’ll do some extra running and diving, which means double the workout.

Even though beach volleyball can burn hundreds of calories, one Power Hour at a TITLE group session can burn up to 1,000! Your First Shot is FREE, so contact your local TITLE Boxing Club to get started losing weight and reaching your goals.

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