Burn Calories and Beautify Your Yard: Benefits of Gardening

How many workouts let you improve your home and your body at the same time? I can only think of a few workouts that give you the opportunity to beautify your home and work on all major muscle groups of your body.

Working in the yard gives you a complete workout. As you move around your yard finishing different tasks, you’ll naturally use your legs, core muscles and arms and shoulders.

mowing lawn yard work Calories Burned per Hour for Yard Work Chores

Body Weight of 150 lbs.

Mowing Lawn – 306

Mowing Lawn (Riding) – 170

Gardening – 272

Planting Seedlings – 306

Weeding – 306

Watering Lawn – 102

Digging – 340

Burn More Calories

After you work up a sweat and stretch during your gardening routine, head to TITLE Boxing Club to burn up to 1,000 calories* in one hour. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and energized. When you get back home, you can relax on the patio and take in the results of your hard work in the yard!

Improve Your Yard Work Routine

Working in the yard gets your heart rate up and requires you to use all different muscle groups. You’ll break a sweat in the summer sun, too. Here are a few ways to amp up your gardening or yard work routine this weekend:

  • Stretch for five minutes before and after you head to the garden.

  • Fill up that wheelbarrow with soil or mulch and take an extra trip around the house before you rest at your destination.

  • Do a variety of activities every time you work in the garden. Switch back and forth between digging, weeding, mulching and planting.

  • If you’re digging, try to switch off between hands to work both arms.

  • A small watering can might be more convenient, but carrying the garden hose around will work your muscles more. Drag the hose with you around the garden to water.

  • A push mower will burn more calories than a riding mower.


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    it’s quite a smart way to burn calories while doing something useful. I guess that I’ll start applying this then I’ll tell you whether it was effective or not for me.
    Thank you for sharing

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