Burning Calories at Your Local Water Park

Your local water park is more than a way to keep the kids busy for a day. It can be a perfect opportunity to help you lose weight.

At the water park you get to work on your fitness while having fun with friends and family. Some of the calorie-burning activities that you will be involved in when you get to your local water park include: climbing stairs to the top slides, playing, running, swimming and many more.

The reason water parks are among the greatest spots to burn calories is because lots of the activities performed under water burn more calories than those that take place on dry land. This is simply because there is added resistance working the muscles beneath water.

When you spend time at water parks during the summer, you have the chance to lose weight. You can burn up to 300 calories each hour. For instance, you can burn about 10 calories every minute you are climbing the stairs to the get to the top side before sliding all the way to the water.

The workout is both aerobic and anaerobic. This gives you the benefits of cardio and muscle building. One of the reasons it is easy to lose significant weight and maintain your fitness at your local water park is because the activities are fun to do- you can stay active the whole day without thinking of taking a rest.

Popular and unique water parks around the country:

Noah’s Ark – Noah’s Ark is in Wisconsin and has numerous water based activities for people of all ages. The notable coaster at this water park is the Black Anaconda which stretches to more than a quarter mile.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park – This one is situated within Disney world and has tons of  water attractions and theme rides.

Schlitterbahn – There are Schlitterbahn locations in Kansas and Texas. Schlitterbahn is a top vacation spot for the family or a group of friends.

Water Country USA – This park is more than half a century old and has great water-based sports that are perfect for rigorous water exercise.

Six flags white water – This park is in Atlanta, Georgia and has more than twenty rides and is cost effective.



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    I really enjoy going to water parks in the summer, but the long lines can slow me down so you have to be careful what day you choose to be there.

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