Changing Habits

Often the key to a healthy lifestyle hinges on changing habits. Eating a few cookies during the afternoon stretch at work may not seem like such a big deal, but every minute and every habit counts. If you indulge every week, that snacking habit can make you put on some pounds. Likewise, Changing Habits Break Bad Habits TITLE Boxing Clubpositive habits–like jogging for 30 minutes 3 days a week–can also change your body. Changing habits and developing good ones might seem impossible (and not very fun), but you can take small steps to achieve your fitness goals.

Evaluate Your Current Habits

Before you start changing habits, figure out what you’re already doing right (and what you’re doing wrong). Start by creating a diet and exercise log and keeping it for one week. Track what you’re eating and drinking, and what physical activity you’re doing. At the end of the week, tally the type of food you’re eating and take note of when you make unwise diet decisions. Also note the times when you are physically active–you will want to capitalize on these periods.

Start With Easy Changes First

If you make an unrealistic goal (to cut out all meat or sugar from your diet, for example), you may find it more difficult to meet it. Start with changing a part of your eating schedule or gradually eliminating something from your diet. Substitute a handful of almonds for an unhealthy snack, or extend your dog’s walk by 15 minutes. As time goes on, you can make more substitutions and add in more exercise.

Exercise Routine

Eating better alone will not guarantee a perfect health. An exercise routine is also very important in changing habits.


Chances are if you don’t currently have an exercise routine, it’s because you have a busy schedule and don’t feel that you can fit physical activity into your day. But you don’t need to do a full one hour workout in one chunk–you can easily split up your exercise and build good habits. Find pockets of time in your schedule and do targeted workouts, like a 15 minute run on your lunch break. If you choose a time to exercise that’s convenient for you, you are more likely to do it and establish your habit.

Find a Training Buddy

Our habits are often influenced by the habits of those around us. So grab a friend who’s also looking to improve their health and set up a workout schedule together. You can work to keep encourage each other, keep each other accountable, and track each other’s progress. Your fitness buddy can also help you maintain your healthy eating habits!

Healthy habits can be the building blocks to success. Every little habit counts, so start breaking the bad ones and making better ones today! Visit the TITLE Boxing Club nearest you today to find motivation from our professional trainers.


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