HIIT 101

You’ve probably seen the abbreviation “HIIT” lately. You might know what it is or at least have an idea. Whether you’re a HIIT program devotee or you have no clue what HIIT means, we’ll share some HIIT basics and give you some ideas for incorporating HIIT into your fitness routine.

HIIT: What is it?

HIIT is an abbreviation for high intensity interval training. HIIT is an aerobic workout that burns a lot of calories and increases endurance and strength.

HIIT normally involves 40-second to 40-minute periods of very high-energy cardiovascular workout alternating with a low-intensity exercise period. The low- and high-intensity segments of the exercise may last either for similar lengths of time or the low-intensity portion may be slightly longer.

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Results from studies involving people on HIIT workout reveal that those individuals who did HIIT for at least 8 weeks doubled their speeds significantly. This happens because your muscles will adapt to quick speed in order to provide oxygen that is used during intensive body exercise. This is evidenced by the sprinters during their races. They are able to cope with high speeds and increased oxygen intake to sustain high muscle activity.

Time Efficiency

Like all other forms of aerobic exercises, this exercise is known to help to improve the muscle-cell functionality, fat loss as well as the increased lung capacity. Fortunately, all these benefits will be achieved in a short time on this exercise. One 45-minute HIIT exercise has the same impacts as 90 minutes especially of low-intensity exercises. It should be noted that HIIT workout definitely fits a schedule especially for a busy person. Less time is spent for great results.

HIIT is a challenging workout. Adding a HIIT session to your boxing or kickboxing class at TITLE Boxing Club is a great way to challenge yourself.

Energy Use

Since HIIT workout uses a scheme of work-to-recovery intervals, sporadic high intensity accompanied with resting periods, the body adapts to effectively and efficiently create and utilize the energy coming from the body’s anaerobic-energy system.

Metabolism Boost

According to several health and sport organizations, plenty of oxygen is consumed especially on this exercise than in non-interval exercise. The extra oxygen is known to increase the rate of metabolism with every session of HIIT workout. Additionally, higher metabolism causes the body to burn fat and calories very quickly. HIIT is a good addition to your weight loss routine.


It is worth noting that HIIT can include a wide variety of exercises. An individual can perform any exercise or activity in a HIIT fashion. For instance, if you ride a bicycle, you will ride very hard in the first few minutes and relax the next half a minute. Other exercises that can be performed in a similar manner.


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    I’ve done HIIT exercises in the past, and boy are they tough! You think you’re getting the hang of it, but then the trainer decides to change the timeframe so that you rest less.

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