Kickball: Not just for the playground

Do you remember the long, hot days of summer when you were a kid? The neighborhood turned into a giant playground and the hours were spent playing games. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the pool, you might have been at home playing kickball or tag. Kickball isn’t just for the kids anymore.

Playing a game of kickball can actually help you maintain good health. When you play kickball (with the kids or a group of friends), you’ll run, kick and stay moving. You can burn calories while you’re having fun with a bit of competition, and who doesn’t love that?

Burn calories

Kickball offers you both mental and physical benefits. Playing kickball includes running and kicking the ball. You can burn between 300 and 700 calories in one hour. The effort you put into the game will determine how much of a workout you get.

Young at heart

Joining in a game of kickball can have you feeling like a kid again. The physical exercise helps relieve stress and the fun of the competition and teamwork remind you of carefree days.

Where to play

You might be surprised to know that there are active kickball leagues near you! The World Adult Kickball Association posts the locations and contact information for kickball leagues across the country.

If you can’t find a current kickball league near you, consider starting a league! Invite your neighbors or coworkers to start a summer kickball tournament or league. You could start a family league and make it a tradition. Inviting the kids to join will let you lead by example. Show them that activity and fitness is a regular part of your life.

Kickball is a fun way to focus on your health. Add a game to your routine and see how much fun you can have staying fit! Check out TITLE Boxing Club on Facebook for more ways to stay active during our 100 days of Summer!


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