Perfecting Your Workout Playlist

Everyone has those days when they hesitate going to the gym, and no matter how badly they know they need that workout, they are feeling tired, sluggish, and drained. After all, working out is work, and it isn’t always as fun, or as recreational, as it is supposed to be.

The pain from today’s workout can be very real. The gains are real, too, but we often concentrate on the pain. There is a great solution to the sluggish attitude — music. Perfecting your workout playlist can boost your motivation and keep you pushing through an hour long workout with a smile on your face.

Perfecting Your Workout Playlist: Sweet and Simpleworkout playlist

Adrenaline is the key word when you’re trying to amp up your workout playlist. It sounds so simple, but it couldn’t be more true. Adrenaline keeps you running, moving and working.  Music that boosts your adrenaline and lifts your mood deserves a place on your playlist.

Perfecting Your Workout Playlist: Turn up the pop hits

The POP 40 hits are popular for a reason — they’re catchy, upbeat and hard to get stuck in your head. These songs make great additions to your workout playlist. Scatter a few through your list for a fun surprise.

Perfecting Your Workout Playlist: Tune in to your inner power song

My music tastes are distinctly different than your tastes. My workout habits are also not the same as yours. That’s why everyone has a certain preference for music to jam out to while they’re exercising.

Most people, too, find a certain power song. A power song is that one tune that always seems to give you a boost of energy. It takes your mind off the physical work you’re doing. Embrace your power song. Listen to it when you need a boost or when you think your legs might give out on you.

Give yourself room to find new power songs for your workout playlist, too. My inner power song has changed over the course of the years. Sometimes it’s a Lauryn Hill jam — other times only Jay-Z will do the trick. What are your power songs? Let us know in the comments below or on TITLE Boxing Club’s Facebook page.

Workout Playlist Quick Tips

Add songs with positive, uplifting lyrics.
Find tunes with driving bass lines and upbeat melodies.
Give your playlist variety with different genres.
Choose fun and energizing songs as opposed to slow, moody music.

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