Pilates: The Basics


Definition: Pilates is a form of exercise designed by Joseph Pilates. It combines regular exercises with many key aspects like breathing, concentration, balance, control and precision with the goal of improving muscle tone and strength, posture and spinal alignment.

Burn Calories with Pilates

The main goal of pilates isn’t to burn calories, but you can burn some calories as you practice this healthy exercise routine. Pilates makes a great addition to cardio and active workouts.

Pilates woman

Calories burned per 60 minutes of Pilates:

130 pounds – burn about 150 calories

180 pounds – burn about 200 calories

210 pounds – burn about 240 calories

You won’t burn 1,000 calories* in one hour of pilates, but you will see some great health benefits. Read on for the benefits!

Benefits of Pilates

1. Good posture. Pilates trains the body to have a stronger core and center by teaching people to stand straight and shifting your posture. You gain flexibility through the practice.

2. Body awareness. Pilates educates people on how to shape their body during normal daily tasks. By calling attention to minor details of posture, pilates changes a person’s entire body awareness. Personal awareness through pilates helps by associating various aches and pains with the potential causes. Through this awareness a person can shift posture and avoid some daily pains.

3. Whole body exercise. Unlike most other workout routines like lifting weights, which only puts pressure on a specific body part, pilates ensures that the whole body is involved in the workout. Symmetry and balance are achieved with every body movement, stretch and reshape.

4. Stronger muscles. Pilates exercise routines involve all muscle groups. The focus is on the core muscles and some obscure muscle groups which tend to be ignored by other exercises.

5.  Increased Flexibility. Pilates ensures a safe long stretch of the muscles to improve your flexibility and make you more limber.

6.  A strong core. A strong core is a goal for most of us. This can be achieved by ensuring that the spine, the pelvis and the abdominal muscles are properly exercised. Pilates teaches good movement routines that strengthen the body’s core enough for it to support the whole body framework. When done faithfully, pilates can help you achieve the coveted flat abs.

7. Proper breathing. Proper breathing is an essential factor for overall body fitness and in pilates it is the key to success. Proper breathing ensures proper blood circulation and therefore proper oxygen supply to all the muscles of the body.



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