Prep for Power Hour — What You Need

Are you ready for an intense Power Hour? Wondering what you need to bring with you to have a fiercely awesome workout?

You don’t have to pack much for your next boxing or kickboxing class. Here’s a list to get you ready to Hit It Hard!


Hydration is key! Prep by drinking water before your session and don’t forget the H2O when you get to class.


You’re going to get sweaty…Grab a towel and throw it in your bag.


We have a pair for you if this is your first shot, but you probably want your own. You can buy gloves at the store at our club.

Workout clothes

Come dressed in your workout gear and tennis shoes.


Our trainers are ready for class — and they’re excited to help you get the most out of your boxing or kickboxing workout. Show them you’re ready to Hit It Hard by arriving at your class with a can-do attitude.

It’s time to Hit It Hard!

red boxing gloves gear

Now that you know what to pack, it’s time to get to the club! You can find your TITLE Boxing Club site and facebook page to find the class schedule. Call your club if you have questions about class schedules or what to bring to your next class.


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    Coming to a workout ready with a “can do” attitude and excitement makes your workout more enjoyable for you, the other people working out with you and your trainer/instructor. You will get more out of your workout with a positive attitude and when it is all said and done, you will feel like you can take on the world after a good workout.

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    Good advice, I can’t tell you how funny/frustrating it is to get done with your workout and then realize that you need to shower–you either have to stay in sweaty clothes or put on new clothes while you’re still wet! Take my advice and just get into the habit of packing everything up with a checklist or something.

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    There is nothing worse then getting to a workout and not having that pair of socks you need or dying of thirst in the middle of a workout. Double checking you have everything is just a smart idea.

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