Runners: work on your core

If you want to run faster and boost your endurance, you can’t forget to focus on your core. Core workouts are a vital part of conditioning your body to run. Integrate core workouts into your training routine to maximize your results.

Here are some essential core exercises that runners should add to their routine:

Core workouts: planks

The plank helps improve stabilization, allowing you to use your body’s strength and power more effectively for all other activities. A stable core also improves posture and prevents injury. Try the standard plank and add these variations:

core workouts plank


  • elbow plank
  • plank with leg lift
  • side plank
  • side plank with hip dips
  • side plank with oblique twist

Core workouts: superman

The superman exercise strengthens your lower back and tones those glutes. Lie flat on your stomach and spread your hands above your head. Lift your extended arms and legs up at the same time. Your back should be arched. Hold arms and legs up for 2 to 5 seconds before lowering for one repetition. Complete 3 sets of 12 reps.

All the above core workouts are very important if any runner wants to pass the finish line in record time. Whether you’re preparing for a race or just wanting to improve your daily running routine, core workouts are one way to reach your goals.

When the core muscles are weak or suffer from an imbalance, it leads to a decrease in running power and the efficiency of the runner. It also leads to poor positioning of the body. Your posture affects the way you run, and the chance of spasms, pain and injuries increases when your body isn’t in top shape.

Total body conditioning

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    I don’t really consider myself “a runner”, but I do jog a couple of times a week. I think I could really see an improvement in my endurance with some core training. Good tips, thanks.

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