Stay Fit and Healthy with Softball

Staying fit helps you stay mentally well, reduce risk of disease and improves your quality of life. Playing softball is one fun way to be active and improve your health.

softball on home plateSoftball: play to stay fit

Softball is a variation of baseball and it is a summer game. Most people play it from April to September. Playing softball is a nice chance to get out into the fresh air and sunshine. It is a very good exercise for improving your fitness.

Softball is a fun sport for men and women. It is great for an office league or a group of friends. You engage in various positions when you play softball. This causes you to work on  balance and stability. Working on shoulder stability and hip stability improves your stamina and strength. You can burn 90 to 475 calories by playing softball for just 30 minutes, depending on your weight.

Ways to lose weight and stay fit

As you work toward your weight loss goals, you need to eat less and exercise regularly. Weight loss by way of diet includes eating of vegetables, drinking lots of water and avoiding fatty items. On the other hand by regularly doing exercise, you can considerably reduce your weight.

Softball is a great activity to add to your fitness routine. Try softball this summer. You never know how much you’ll enjoy it until you try! Whether you keep the games relaxed or amp up your competitive spirit, you’ll be running, throwing and breaking a sweat.

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