Summer Pool Games

The summer heat is on and we all know what comes with it: fun, games, basking in the sun and barbecues. There are a lot of summer activities you can enjoy but one common activity to us all is swimming!

The summer season cannot pass without some pool time. Whether it is at home, in a hotel far away or in a public pool, almost all of us relish the chance to get in the cool water and have some fun while the sun shines bright.

swimming pool volleyballThe swimming pool: not only for the kids

Swimming is not only a fun activity but it can play a major role in staying fit. As you swim and play in the pool you get to burn a lot of calories.

Swimming games are very fun and beneficial to your body. As you play with people on the pool you move a lot and engage most of your body muscles. Swimming is a workout that burns calories and keeps you fit. There are various swimming pool games you can try out this summer. Here are a few fun options:

Pool Volleyball

This is a great fitness game in the water. You can have two groups play against each other with each group consisting of at least 3 people. The groups should be on opposite sides of the pool; separated by a volleyball net that runs across the pool. You can use a beach ball or volleyball to hit over the net as many times as possible without letting it hit the water. If the ball touches the water, the other team scores.


Tug-of-war is a famous land game but it can also be played on the pool. All you need is two groups with the same number of team members and a rope. The rope should have a tag in the middle so you can tell when one team wins.

Atomic Whirlpool

Atomic whirlpool is a racing pool game. While everyone is in the pool, they should line up in a straight line along the edge of the pool area with just a bit of space left between them. After this, the participants are to walk round the pool for a couple of minutes. Then they should run until the water starts to carry them. After the momentum is built, the participants are to turn around and face the current. Whoever is able to stay in line wins the challenge.

Pool Frisbee

This is also a cool swimming pool game that can be played with as many participants as possible. You only need two baskets and a frisbee. Divide yourselves in two teams. The first team will defend the baskets and the other team will try to make goals. No swimming is allowed for this game, one person from outside the pool throws the Frisbee to a member inside the pool who is to catch it and walk to the basket to make the goal. The members can toss the Frisbee around as they move towards the goal while the other team defends and tries to snatch the Frisbee away.

While playing swimming pool games, you engage your body parts in vigorous exercises that help you keep fit. You don’t have to worry about muscle pains, aching joints or bones. Swimming pools are a great space to move around, stretch, and exercise. While an hour in the pool can help you burn calories and stay active, an hour at TITLE Boxing Club can help you pack a punch and burn up to 1,000 calories*.


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