The Case for a Morning Power Hour

Adding a workout to your cluttered schedule can sometimes seem like an impossible task. In the past, we’ve shared some TITLE tips for making room for a Power Hour in your day, including special suggestions for working parents. While in the past we’ve left it up to you as to when you can fit in your workout, today we’re making a case for the morning Power Hour.

If you’re a morning person, you’re probably happy to learn that exercising in the AM is proven to be more effective than working out at other times. If you’re a night owl, this fact probably has you grimacing. Here’s why you should wake up early for that morning Power Hour.

Why Work Out in the Morning?

You’ll Have More Energy

When you work out in the morning, you’ll experience the rush of endorphins and other energizing, mood-boosting hormones. You can ride this wave through the day, and you should have a bigger spring in your step. Expect to be more productive and more driven after a morning Power Hour.

You’ll Exercise More Throughout the DayTITLE Boxing Club | The Case for a Morning Power Hour

Research has shown that people who exercise in the morning stay more active all day long — and that their morning Power Hour makes them burn more calories when they’re moving later in the day. In a way, participating in a morning Power Hour conditions your body to stay active throughout the day, establishing a rhythm that you’ll naturally fall into.

You’ll Establish Consistency

Making time for a morning Power Hour day after day will get your body into a healthy routine. Even AM zombies will adjust to waking up early and working out after the first few sessions. You’ll be able to naturally wake up before your alarm sounds. And you won’t have to worry about other to-dos pushing your workout off your list. When you commit to a morning Power Hour, you can get your exercise done right away, giving your health the priority it should have.

You’ll Feel Sharper

You may notice that you feel sharper after exercise, so why not capitalize on this and do a morning Power Hour? You’ll clear your head and feel more mental acuity as you dive into your work or other tasks.

You’ll Eat Less All Day

In the 30 minutes after exercise, your appetite decreases. That means it’s a great time to eat a small, healthy meal, before your hunger starts ballooning. Starting off the day right with a morning Power Hour and a health breakfast sets the right tone. Plus, morning exercise will kick-start your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn more calories when you eat throughout the day.

You’ll Have More Effective Workouts

Because your glycogen levels are low in the morning, your workouts will be much more effective in the AM. These low levels mean you’ll burn fat earlier into your morning Power Hour, and your high testosterone levels will increase muscle growth.

Find Your Morning Power Hour Today

Take advantage of the AM hours by finding your morning Power Hour today! Just locate the nearest TITLE Boxing Club to access their class schedule and find the morning boxing or kickboxing session that fits your schedule.


  1. Debb Kashani says

    I am a big fan of the morning workout! The trainers push me hard to do more each time I go. It’s tough, but I “HIT IT HARD” each time I go! I have never tried boxing before, but I love it! I have had the honor to work out with trainers Mark and Justin so far. They are awesome!

    Thank You Title Boxing Club Lakeville for coming to my neighborhood!

    Debb K.

  2. Yu says

    I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis on my left thumb/wrist and carpal tunnel on both wrists/hands, can I still do boxing workout?

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