Twelve Months of Personal Fitness: April

With January, February, and March officially behind us, you’ve now successfully completed the first 1/4 of your year of personal fitness. Now isn’t the time to slow down — it’s time to forge ahead, upping the intensity and duration of your workouts and more fully committing to your nutrition.

Kick off spring the right way by following our TITLE Tips for personal fitness in April.

Twelve Months of Personal Fitness: April


With your endurance built-up from your first three months of regular physical activity, it’s time to add intervals to two of your cardio sessions. Before concluding those workouts, add 3 – 4 high-intensity rounds of 30-second cardio work. This will increase your heart rate, burn more calories, and boost your speed and strength.

Don’t stop attending your favorite TITLE Boxing Club Power Hours, either. The full-body workouts included in your boxing and kickboxing classes will ensure that you’re working out all your muscle groups.

Strength TrainingTITLE Boxing Club | Personal Fitness April

Now that your core and balance are strong, it’s tome to add strength training that addresses more of your big muscle groups. Grab your weights and get ready to burn calories, up your endurance, and do some functional training involving the muscles that are key for everyday motions. You should do 15 – 30 minutes of strength training per session; if you lean more toward shorter sessions, add a third session to the mix.


For the fourth month of personal fitness, continue to log and review the foods and drinks you consume in your dietary journal. And now that spring is here, be sure to check out the latest fresh fruits and vegetables hitting the shelves of your grocery store or farmer’s market: zucchini, artichokes, asparagus, spring peas, and rhubarb are all starting to come into season.

With the warm weather, you also might find yourself on the go more regularly. Be sure to be prepared for your outdoor activities or weekend trips with convenient, healthy snacks. You don’t have to rely on processed packaged food — portion out some nuts, grapes, or clementine slices to make nutritional snacking a snap!

How has your personal fitness progress gone so far? Be sure to stick with your healthy routine and follow along next month!

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