Twelve Months of Personal Fitness: February

Now that January is officially behind us, it’s the perfect time to check in and gauge how well you’ve done with your personal fitness goals thus far this year. Have you kept up your new exercise routine? Have you succeeded at eating well, or did the Superbowl throw your diet off track? Are you spending your time effectively to promote your personal fitness?

If you started off the new year with our personal fitness goals for January, it’s time to step it up a bit in February. You want to build on the momentum that started in the first month to carry you through the spring.

Ready? Here are our personal fitness tips for February!

February: The Second Month of Personal Fitness


If January was your first time exercising for a while, then in February it’s best to maintain the intensity and duration of exercise that you started in your first month — 30 minutes of low to moderate exercise at least three times a week. If you’re comfortable with it, you can go ahead and add another day to your personal fitness routine. Be sure that your alternate your cardio to engage different muscles, and always stretch before workouts to keep your body loose and ready.

If you joined your local TITLE Boxing Club in January, be sure to continue attending your favorite boxing or kickboxing classes this month, too. It’s important to keep a consistent schedule and make personal fitness a part of your routine. By regularly visiting your TITLE club and maintaining relationships with your classmates and trainers, you set yourself up for personal fitness success.

Strength TrainingTITLE Boxing Club | Twelve Months of Personal Fitness: Febuary

In January, you started with twice-weekly strength training exercises to improve your posture and form. In February, you should continue with this routine, but focus on perfecting your form. It’s easy to get sloppy with your personal fitness when you’ve been doing the same exercises for a while, so try to mix up your strength training a bit to avoid this.


It’s time to go back and review January’s food journal to get an idea of how your diet and eating habits have impacted your personal fitness. If you had any weight gain, analyze what dietary choices might have caused this. Look back over your “cheat” moments and think about when and why they happened, then what you can do to stop yourself from reaching for unhealthy foods. For example, if you always go for a high-calorie afternoon snack or overindulge at dinner, start packing some healthy snacks to grab throughout the day.

After looking back on your personal fitness and diet for January, it’s time to incorporate a few dietary changes. If it’s lacking, increase your water intake. Add another serving of veggies or fruits to your daily diet. Keep your food diary going through this month, making notes about weight loss or gain for each week.

Stay tuned for our March personal fitness tips at the top of next month!

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