Eric Brooks’ TITLE Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life

After TITLE Boxing Club Co-Owner and NFL quarterback Drew Brees retweeted a TBC Solon member’s transformational photo, we knew we had to learn more about this man’s incredible journey! Eric Brooks of Solon, Ohio, helps us kick off Men’s Health Month by sharing his story below in a heart warming testimonial of personal acceptance, courage and strength. We congratulate Eric on his success in finding happiness and health at TITLE Boxing Club Solon with owner Casey Wandell.

@ericlbrooks: @drewbrees@TITLEBoxingClub I have a testimonial for you! #dropped100lbs#bestshapeofmylife” Awesome!  — Drew Brees (@drewbrees) June 4, 2016

I have a pretty good life… an awesome wife, two great daughters, a career I enjoy but something was missing. I wasn’t 100% happy with myself and deep down I knew why. I just wasn’t ready to admit why.

Eric Brooks June 2014

Eric in June 2014

One Saturday morning in early November 2014, I decided to stop driving past TITLE Boxing Club Solon and decided to stop in and see that it was all about.  There was something magnetic about the place. I was immediately drawn to excitement and intensity. TBC Solon’s Owner, Casey Wandell, happened to be teaching a class when I walked in. He knew why I was there. He could tell I wanted to change my life. I’ll never forget the first thing he ever said to me. “It ain’t easy!” I smiled and replied, “I don’t want easy!” I knew immediately this was the perfect place for me.

I started at TITLE the next morning. I would hit classes a couple nights a week but didn’t change my eating habits and I wasn’t fully dedicated. Finally, in early February 2015, I had a decision to make – buy a 3XL shirt or take ownership of my life and make a change. I knew I had to start living differently, eating differently and training differently. I embraced the changes and am amazed with the results I achieved. Along the way, I set a few goals like lose 25-50-75 lbs, eat better and cleaner, hit the heavy bag at TITLE Boxing Club more often, be able to complete a certain exercise, and more. As the weight came off and I hit the club 4-5-6-7 days a week, I realized that the decision to change was the right one for sure.

June 2015

Eric in June 2015

To me, goals are very important. As I mentioned earlier, I set some and kept setting more as my journey continued. I set one more goal that I wanted to achieve, although looking back it seems like the craziest of all. On February 3, 2016, almost one year from when I committed myself to change, I got on the scale, looked down and my eyes opened so big that the almost popped out of my head. I was down 100+ POUNDS!!!!  I look back to the day I was about to buy a 3XL shirt and laugh.  I am wearing a size large shirt and a 32 pant.  The last time I was in either size was 25+ years ago during high school wrestling.

I had driven past TITLE countless times. I read about TITLE. As a former wrestler, I knew I’d like the intensity but I kept telling myself I wouldn’t like a group class and I would like working with a trainer. Boy was I wrong! I listened to the little voice inside my head for too long. TITLE is the right place for me! The classes are exactly what I needed. The trainers are passionate, motivating and simply AWESOME! All of my fellow members and I feed off of each other’s energy. We are a team.

June 2016

Eric Today in June 2016

I want to stress something. I am not on a diet. To me, diets don’t work. They don’t last. I made a lifestyle change. I made a commitment to my family, to my TITLE family and to myself. I am committed to the change. My wife, kids and TITLE family motivate me every day to keep going. I am very humbled each time a fellow member, a trainer, friends, family members as well as total strangers tell me how I’ve motivated them. While I’m not one to bask in the glory, I love the fact that others are embracing change in their lives too.