Lost 50Ibs in 8 months*

Allison Lost 50 pounds and 4 Dress Sizes in 8 Months. Alison heard the radio commercials, saw a magazine ad and finally decided to try the Power Hour at the 119th & Metcalf TITLE Boxing Club. Her first free shot was on January 29, 2011. She signed up that day, and is well on her way to her goal weight.

“I knew I wanted to lose weight and was looking for some kind of class. I did not want to walk on treadmills or use circuit machines. After hearing the commercials for TITLE Boxing Club I thought this might be just what I was looking for, and I was right,” explains Alison.

This working mother says she was really out of shape and felt it after her trial class with Melvin. Even though it was a hard workout and she couldn’t do all the exercises in the boxing Power Hour, she was having fun. With each class, Alison found she could do a little bit more, run a little farther and keep her breath longer. In just a couple of months, she knew she was hitting it harder and getting healthier.

“The trainers are always there to motivate you to keep you going. And I know the other people in the class are in the same place as me, reaching for the same goals,” says Alison. “I’ve met some new friends at TITLE Boxing Club. It’s a place where I can go and be me, workout and relieve some stress hitting that heavy bag.”

For Alison, hitting the heavy bag is her favorite part. She enjoys learning new punching combinations and sequences from the trainers, then doing it herself. The trainers help her learn form and technique, coming around to her bag with pointers on how she can improve her workout with boxing and kickboxing skills.

After six months of hitting it hard in four to five Power Hour workouts a week, Alison saw results, dropping 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes. So she decided she needed to watch her diet. She realized that watching what she ate was also very important. She found MyFitnessPal in July. It is a website she compares to Facebook for people looking to lose weight and get healthy. She could keep a food log, watch her calories and get inspiration from others looking to lose weight and eat healthy. With the help of the site, she’s lost an additional 20 pounds.

And now that Alison has lost 50 pounds, she feels like a totally different person. She has more energy to do things with her daughters, including shopping which is fun again!

“I want to go out and buy clothes all the time. I went shopping the other day and didn’t get a plus size; that was amazing. I am always looking at clothes because I want to look better now that I feel better. I have gained confidence in myself; I don’t want to hide anymore,” she says.

Even with such great results, Alison isn’t done yet. She wants to lose 40 more pounds to get to her goal weight. With TITLE Boxing Club in her corner, she’ll do it.

“TITLE Boxing Club has really done wonders for me. I encourage anyone to come and try it. You can go at your own pace, not having to worry about keeping up with the person next to you, or what other people think of you. You just go in, workout and start losing weight and inches. It’s so addicting!” she says.

*Results may vary from user to user