Get Ready for Fall Clothes: Abs and Legs

As the cool breezes start to blow in this fall, we know that fall fashion trends are on their way. Gone is the standard summer uniform consisting of shorts, sandals and sunglasses. Now we start to welcome skinny jeans, cozy sweaters, boots and scarves in autumn shades.

Getting ready for fall is important — it’s your chance to keep up your fitness routine and prepare to look fab in the new fall clothes. Staying healthy during the fall and winter can be challenging. Take time in early fall to set your fitness routine in stone.

Are you ready for fall clothes? Looking great in those fall clothes takes some dedication. Tone your legs for the skinny jeans and tighten your abs for the layered looks you’ll be sporting.

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Working out Your Abs and Legs for Fall Clothes

Just like in any workout plan, you should prepare first. Warm up before the exercise and stretch after. This helps your muscles not to ache.

The tip here is to do some standard exercises, but add variations. Adding a challenge to your basic exercise will work your muscles in new ways.

Simple Exercises for Abs and Legs

1. Squats

Instead of traditional squats there are a few variations like single leg squats that will shape your butt for those fall clothes. Try wide squats and jump squats with your hands up.

2. Crunches

Try reverse crunches, bicycles crunches or side to side crunches. These work different areas of your core.

3. Lunges

Lunges are great to firm up your thighs so you can feel great in your new fall clothes. Rotational lunge is a variation using weights.

4. Leg lift with exercise ball

For a flat belly and toned thighs, this is perfect. Lie on your back with hands straight on both sides. Put a ball between your feet and lift it up and lower slowly for one rep.

Are you ready to rock your fall clothes and keep your fitness routine in high gear during fall? Share your tips for abs and legs workouts here and join our TITLE Boxing Club community on Facebook for more ideas!


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    I love the fall, and one of my favorite items are sweaters (I honestly have more in my closet than any normal person should!) But, to be honest, I had figured that with all the layers, no one would notice that I let my typical routine drop a bit. Thanks for the reminder that I need to keep up my lifestyle all year round, and not just for the summer!

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