How to fit a Full Body Workout Into Your Schedule

Some days, a full body workout sounds like a far-off dream, right?

We pack our days full of meetings, work, dinner dates, bill paying, game watching and more. How could we possibly squeeze a full body workout between the necessary events of the day?

There are a few adjustments that make a full body workout seem attainable. Clear up your calendar a bit and find the space for that workout you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Fit a Full Body Workout: The Basic Principles

If fitness is a priority, it should be something you spend time on. Look for opportunities to work out. When you plan the way you spend your time, getting a complete workout in your schedule is easy.

The more you work out, the less chaotic your schedule will seem. You may ask how that makes sense. Let’s think about it. Better workouts lead to reduced stress. Reduced stress levels will help you handle your commitments with ease — meaning that the full calendar will be less intimidating.

So, read on to see how to commit to regular full body workouts!

Full Body Workouts and Your Schedule

  • Write it on your calendar – Whether you use an app or an old fashioned paper schedule, mark down your workout plans. Pick a date and time, write it down and commit. If you have the time blocked out there, you’re more likely to stick to your decision.

  • Do what you like – If you hate running, don’t commit to a daily run. Sure, you could try it out once and find ways to enjoy it — but don’t overcommit to an activity that you just do not enjoy. Instead, pick your standard workout routine and follow it for the majority of your full body workouts.

  • Burn it off – Some full body workouts are more intense than others. If you want the most bang for your buck (don’t we all?) you should try a boxing or kickboxing workout. You can burn up to 1,000 calories*. That is a powerful hour.

  • Play a game – Playing a pickup game (of basketball, touch football or any sport) is a sure way to squeeze in a full body workout. The best part? You’re hanging with friends and having fun, even as you run, jump, dodge and shoot. If you sign up for a community team or join friends for a game once a week, you have an added benefit. Your friends will count on you to be there — you’re not going to let them down, right?!


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    I always find that when I write things down on my calendar, my commitment to them is much greater and my chance of forgetting to do it is less likely. The same thing holds true for my workout. if its on the calendar or on my list, it is getting done.

  2. says

    I try and get my workout done in the morning. It provides excellent energy for the rest of my day and leaves me more time in the evening. I also like to prepare for my workout the night before so I’m not wasting time in the morning.

  3. says

    I haven’t done much cross-training until I recently got into this program I read about on another forum; I really do enjoy playing sports with friends and in rec leagues in town. It definitely makes getting into shape much more exciting–since, you have a reason to get into better shape! Great tips here!

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