It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

Go out to your garage, dig out your old bike and dust off the months of dirt and grime. After you read this, you’ll want to hop on that bike and take it around the block.

Bicycling is an amazing lifetime fitness activity. If you need something new to add to your fitness routine, think about adding a bike ride or two every week. Bicycling can burn serious calories if you invest your time and energy. woman riding bike for weight loss

Calories Burned Bicycling – 60 minutes

Light bicycling (10-12 mph)

150 lbs. 400-430 calories

180 lbs. 500-530 calories

Moderate bicycling (12-14 mph)

150 lbs. 550-580 calories

180 lbs. 660-690 calories

Health Benefits of Bicycling

Bicycling offers so many health benefits. Here are just a few of the big ones:

Those who bike regularly see improvement in building and toning muscles. The calves, thighs and glutes get a good workout. Biking is a great low impact workout for those who are limited by injury or other factors.

Bike riding at an aerobic level definitely contributes to weight control. Biking can ramp up your metabolism and keep your weight gain down. Since your overall fitness improves as you continue to bicycle, your immune system will strengthen.

Bicycling is good for your heart health, as well. People who bike regularly will see better cardiovascular fitness and a lower risk for coronary heart disease.

Bicycling Tips for Losing Weight

Bike to Build Muscle

Muscle burns more calories than fat. So, add muscle through your bicycling workout by adding hills, raising your gears or standing up as you pedal. These changes will build and tone your leg muscles.

Focus on Speed

When you take your bike routine to new levels, your overall fitness improves. Challenge your cardiovascular system by doing 60 second “sprints” followed by working rest periods. As you get used to these “sprints”, increase their time and decrease the rest periods. This practice increases your stamina and capacity, boosting your calories burned.

Biking is a great habit to add to your fitness routine. Biking for an hour burns about 500 calories, depending on your intensity. If you are ready to burn up to 1,000 calories* in that same one hour period, come in to TITLE Boxing Club and take your first shot free!


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