Top ten for better cardio workouts

You can boost your cardio workouts with a few simple techniques. You don’t have to try new equipment or some crazy new move. All you have to do to boost the power of your regular cardio workouts is push a little harder, try something new and give every session 100%.

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cardio workouts

Cardio workouts: top ten tips

1. Increase the incline

Avoid running on a flat treadmill or road. Instead, bump up your incline or go for the hills.Running on an incline increases calorie burn, builds leg strength and improves running speed and form.

2. Hands free

If you’re on the treadmill for part of your cardio workout, try to keep your hands off the handrails. Instead, just let go and pump your arms naturally as you run or jog. This will improve the effectiveness of your cardio workouts.

3. The great outdoors

If possible, make sure parts of your cardio workouts are outdoors. Trail running, mountain biking and sports outside offer a change of pace and a chance to improve your balance and athleticism.

4. Stop and go

Interval training increases your workout intensity and improves results. Learn how to add interval training to your cardio workouts for maximum results. Try sprinting one hundred meters and alternate it with jogging or walking back to the starting line before resuming the sprint.

5.Use your whole body

Your cardio workouts should be a total-body experience. Make sure your routine does not focus too heavily on one part of the body.

6. Work and rest

Remember to work hard — but don’t forget to rest. Resting between sets is important. Resting between your cardio workouts is also key to avoid burning out.

7. Keep pace

You can use smart phone applications to record pace, distance and calories burned. Recording these variables helps you stay motivated and see your progress over the course of days and weeks. Our list of the Top 5 Running Apps can get you started with new apps for tracking progress.

8. Turn it up

Turn up the music! Music boosts your mood and injects energy into your cardio workouts. Need a little help perfecting your playlist? Pick upbeat, popular hits and find your power song to create the best workout playlist.

9. Stay flexible

Don’t forget to stretch and warm up. You need to prepare your muscles for a high intensity workout. Try these tips for preventing and relieving muscle soreness.

10. Be Consistent

The best way to get good results from cardio workouts is creating a routine and sticking to it. It could be the first thing you do in the morning, after work or at lunch. Just pick a routine and follow it.



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    These are valuable tips, thanks! I agree with the last one – Be consistent. It is always best when you stick to the one that you have started and better if you do it until you are satisfied with the results. Again, thank you for sharing!

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