Cut the Cake: 5 Tips for A Healthy Wedding Season

If you’re like me, your fridge is covered with save the dates and invitations and your calendar is booked with weddings for the next two months. Summer is also known as “wedding season.”

A wedding has a way of taking over an entire day as you pick up a last minute gift, get ready and make your way to the ceremony on time to find a seat. The towering wedding cake and full buffet line are tempting. Combine the delicious treats with the full day blocked from your schedule, and you have a dangerous situation for your health and fitness goals.

cut the wedding cake

Weddings don’t have to derail you from your fitness track. Here are some simple tips to keep you motivated to reach your goals and still enjoy the wedding celebrations all summer!

1. Make a plan

The most important part of staying healthy during wedding season is to plan in advance. Set a time for a workout the day of the wedding. You’ll feel even more productive when you wake up early to exercise. Check out the schedule at your local TITLE Boxing Club and write the class on your calendar above the wedding info.

2. Just a little bit

Weddings are a time to celebrate. Don’t restrict yourself too much. You deserve to indulge in the special fare that the couple planned. Treat yourself but keep these guidelines in mind:

  • At cocktail hour, snack on some veggies and fruit with a dollop of dip.

  • When the bread basket comes, help yourself to just one roll or piece of bread. Eat it slowly.

  • If you’re helping yourself to a buffet, take a look at all the options before you even pick up a plate. Try small servings of several items that look the best to you.

3. Dance!

When the dance floor is cleared and the music starts, get out there and bust a move! Dancing the night away will keep you from munching on your date’s leftover cake. Dancing is a great way to fit exercise into your day and it makes the night more fun.

4. Fill up

Just like the grocery store, don’t go to the wedding on an empty stomach. Have a filling meal before the ceremony. Make sure this meal is packed with green veggies, whole wheat and protein. If there is time between the ceremony and reception, pack a granola bar or piece of fruit so you don’t get too hungry.

5. Hydrate!

Remember to drink ice water whenever you get the chance. Pack a bottle for the car and sip on a glass of water between each glass of wine at the reception. This keeps you full and prevents you from downing too many cocktails.


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