New Moms: Lose Baby Weight

New moms are faced with so many changes in the first few months of their baby’s life. As new moms get used to late night feedings and dozens of daily diaper changes, many also are faced with the challenge of losing baby weight.

Are you preparing for a little one? Here are some fun ways to lose weight after your delivery. Remember to stay relaxed, have fun and focus on spending quality time with your new arrival.

lose baby weight new baby in stroller New moms: lose that baby weight

  1. Set a goal for the future. Plan to run a race or reach a fitness goal in the next 6 months.

  2. Throw dance parties. Turn on your favorite music and dance around the house. Let baby watch and laugh or dance together!

  3. Don’t let yourself buy new clothes. Limit your clothing purchases. This will help motivate you to fit into your pre-baby clothes.

  4. Start a new workout routine after you recover. TITLE Boxing Club has great choices led by professional boxers and kickboxers. Let them know that you are a new mom. We also have personal trainers available.

  5. Put the changing table on a different level of your home. You’ll be up and down those stairs several times a day.

  6. Daily walks with baby. Take time in the fresh air to bond with your baby and walk.

  7. Switch your snacks. Make a promise to keep your guilty pleasures out of the house (most of the time). Switch them for healthier alternatives.

  8. Do squats, arm lifts and sit ups with baby as added weight.

  9. Eat a solid breakfast every day. Breakfast will set you up for healthier choices all day.

  10. Make individual snack packs. Every week, pack bags or containers with individual serving sizes of healthy snacks.


  1. Patty says

    I’m a new mom and have diastasis recti. Would you trainers be able to give me tips on how to correct this? I have tried splinting and doing easy yoga moves as that was what was recommended but have seen no results. Thanks.

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