No More Excuses: Workout Motivation for Every Excuse

As winter settles in with its snowy sidewalks and icy-cold temperatures, it’s easy to give up on your fitness goals.

The wintry weather and holiday festivities add countless challenges to an already difficult process — but that doesn’t mean staying healthy is impossible.

Instead of surrendering, take hold of the obstacles and find the great opportunities you have to stay fit and healthy. You can end the year strong and move into the new year with a running start on your way to a healthier life!

When you find yourself giving excuses for skipping a workout or over-indulging, find inspiration with these workout motivation tips.

no excuses motivation
Combat Excuses with Workout Motivation


“The holiday season is about time with family and friends. I don’t want to spend my time exercising and miss out on family time.”

Workout Motivation:

You don’t have to give up time with friends and family to stay healthy! Your time with loved ones can be even more special by adding some fitness. In addition to your normal holiday season traditions, try adding a family 5k. Recruit your family to join you at a holiday-themed race. You’ll bond over the run and burn calories!


“Work is too stressful right now to focus on exercise or healthy meals.”

Workout Motivation:

You’re stressed? What better reason to ramp up your healthy habits! Exercise is a proven stress reliever. Fit in a quick run or kickboxing class after a long day at work – any exercise helps you release your anger, stress or worries. A diet full of convenience foods will drain your energy and keep you feeling sluggish. Take a few minutes to add fruits and veggies to your grocery list — they’ll make a world of difference.


“I’m way too tired of running on the treadmill and it’s too cold to exercise outside now.”

Workout Motivation:

Switch up your routine! Shake off that bored feeling by trying a new group class. The newness will keep you interested and give you something to look forward to.



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