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Apr 5, 2017

Tim’s Success Story

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In the summer of 2010 I found myself in a position where I was completely miserable and stressed out after removing myself from a toxic first marriage. I comforted myself with too much bad food and oceans of alcohol. My journey with TITLE Boxing Club started at the end of 2011 with my wife Cheryl.  I agreed to go to a class when she told me it was ‘cardio-boxing’.  I was in for quite a rude awaking, but also my life was about to change in a good way.

My first Power Hour was so exhausting; I wasn’t sure that I would go back.  Since we had a two week pass, we went almost every other day. I remember that my body was so weak from a functional standpoint that I sometimes would lose my balance doing a forward lunge among other exercises. Honestly, I hated it at that time but I think I was fueled by my bruised ego. Cheryl wanted to sign up for a membership and I remember that I didn’t really want to, but now the pressure was on. I kept going to TITLE as 2012 began.

I noticed that nothing in the world would bother me after I did the workout- no matter what the stress was in my life. It was like a drug that made me relax, gave me great sleep, and was making my body stronger in a practical, functional way. I felt healthy and strong!

This positive effect was about to become an important, needed part of my life.

That same year, my father was diagnosed with cancer and I began doing multiple power hours per week. Dad got chemo and it was almost futile, but he never quit no matter how miserable it became so I had to work hard at TITLE. I knew that I couldn’t quit before the bell because Dad never quit fighting. That thought became my focus and strength. With dad being sick, the Power Hour became my refuge and grief therapy.  When you’re punching the bag, and you’re dripping sweat, nobody can see your lips quivering or your eyes welling with tears as mine were on some days. For once in my life I was using something healthy to self-medicate through tough times.

By the spring and summer of 2012 I had lost 40 pounds as I continued to go to power hours, lifted weights, and discovered a quality diet to match my physical efforts.


Across the subsequent years I was busy with work, juggling kids’ activities, and so forth.  From time to time I spent long stretches away from getting to workout at TITLE.

Around the Christmas of 2015, I made the decision that I would return to TITLE. I rededicated myself to making my health and fitness a priority in my life again.

I dropped the extra pounds I had gained back and I felt stronger than ever. I owe a lot of my new found intensity and motivation that I get from the various trainers at TITLE Boxing Club.


TITLE is a special place to me, not just because of how I was able to restore my health, but in simplest terms, because of the people there. They honestly care about the members and are invested they are in our success. With TITLE, I’ve never met staff or trainers that are so committed to your success and who celebrate the successes with you. My personal philosophy is that when you have trainers like this that care as much as they do, you should honor them by giving your very best effort. That’s the best gratitude you can show them. I’m going to be 50 this year and I feel better than I did when I was 30. My goal is to outwork everyone in the room; I may not hit the mark every time, but that’s my mindset. I have a personal goal to still be doing the physical activities I am doing now when I’m 75. Given what I’ve learned at TITLE and what these amazing people have done for me. I think my goal is highly realistic.

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