Why I came to TITLE:

“My Omega Psi Phi Fraternity brother and friend, Dr. Lance LaMotte, encouraged me to join. As a heart doctor, I value his judgement. He presented an opportunity for me to get heart healthy in a different way. He introduced me to boxing and the training discipline that it offers. It’s been one of the best life decisions I’ve made for myself. It’s an opportunity to press my mental, physical and spiritual being beyond its limits, which helps me defeat stress that could lead to health problems. The training also helps me from losing myself in the midst of life’s troubles.”

My fitness goals in the beginning and now:

“I’ve been an active member since the TITLE Boxing Club in Baton Rouge opened.  I began with the idea of getting heart healthy, in better physical condition and learning some of the Sweet Science techniques.  My fitness goals remain the same now, but with a higher level of focus and intensity. So much so, that I will do two session in a day, if the opportunity presents itself.”

What I’m proud of:

“I am achieving my goals. I’m losing inches and pounds. I’m proud of the fact that those losses are being maintained. I’m focused and have meet some great people and reintroduced to others while training.  I shared my efforts and training with another friend and fraternity brother, Dominique Richard, who is also an active member now. I enjoy the TITLE team experience of motivating others to persevere during times of struggle, just like they have done for me. Some of those uplift moments were right on time.”

What does Eric fight for?

What I fight for:

“I fight for the holistic well-being of Eric Jones. My mental, physical and spiritual balance gets a release and adjustment at every training. Scripture says, cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you. God tailor-made TITLE Boxing Club Baton Rouge as my casting location.”

My advice for new members:

“It’s all mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. You are your biggest 12 rounds fight every day. Win each round by being the best YOU.”