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Jan 24, 2017

Pushing Limits: Tina’s Story

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Tina is one of our hardest working members at TITLE. She’s not afraid to push her limits and needless to say, the effort has paid off. Since joining the club, Tina has lost 21 inches including 16 around her thigh! In her before picture (left), Tina is actually 7 lbs lighter than in her after picture (right). Goes to show that the scale is not the end-all be-all – it’s about focusing on key muscle groups and implementing a healthy lifestyle. She is now stronger than ever and feeling great.

Her journey is not over though – there’s still more work to be done and goals to be achieved. We know that Tina will only see more success as she builds additional endurance and strength. Committing to yourself is a lifestyle and mindset, and it’s clear that Tina’s determination will not waver. Her enthusiasm for TITLE has inspired us all, and we’re so thankful to have her as a member of the club!

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