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Nov 1, 2016

Tianta Harrison’s Success Story

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My journey with TITLE Boxing Club began as a bucket list item. I had been doing some at home kickboxing videos, but wanted to know what it would be like to do it in a class setting. After inheriting a bag, wraps, and gloves from a friend who was no longer using them, I realized that I had no more excuses.  I got brave, walked myself into TITLE Boxing Club Cedar Hill and was immediately greeted by Danny with such warmth and care. I can remember the head instructor, Dylan, saying to me “Looks like your ready?” as I was wearing my dress clothes. It was in that moment that everything changed.

The staff at TITLE Boxing Club Cedar Hill has been nothing but caring, kind, and helpful from the moment I stepped foot in the gym. Every time I walk through the door, I am greeted by name like I am apart of the family. When you feel like you belong, you are supported in your fitness journey and have receive nothing but encouragement from the entire team, how could you not want to be there all the time? The workouts are a constant opportunity to redefine my limits and I love the challenge each class presents.

Since starting with TITLE Boxing Club, I believe in myself again! I am excited to take on new challenges. I have dreams again and I am removing the limits that I once placed on myself.  I truly love myself for the first time ever. Being a teacher by day and musical performer at night, I constantly need to be in shape to perform at my highest ability. I have tried several different gyms and workout programs, battled depression, self doubt and felt that I was worthless, but TITLE Boxing gave me hope. It allowed me to find my inner strength and as a result I am more confident.

I was frustrated with my fitness routines. I felt alone and unsure of my purpose in life. TITLE Boxing Club has provided me the accountability I needed to keep putting in the work when I did not want to, the opportunity to create a life that I would love and be proud of, encouragement to push pass my limits and the resources that I needed to succeed in reaching my goals. TITLE Boxing Club brought me a personal trainer who does not let me give up and expects only my very best every session or class. Even when he is not around, I hear his voice telling me “One more rep” or “You can do this!”

After taking classes for a month, I decided to become a member on July 6th and since than I have seen some amazing results in my short time at TITLE Boxing Club. I have lost 20 lbs, several inches, and feel so much stronger not only physically, but mentally as well. So much of getting fit and staying fit is a mental mindset and when you feel that mental strength, the physical is not far behind it. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with TITLE Boxing Club.

The classes are a high energy, action packed, fun filled challenge. Every instructor brings their own unique style to the class and keeps the encouragement flowing throughout. The attention to correct technique is a nice touch. Not only will you get a full body workout, but also you will become apart of the TITLE Boxing Club family.

If you have ever considered TITLE Boxing Club, take the risk and go all in. The staff is genuinely there to help you succeed. They love hearing and seeing you progress through your fitness journey. The opportunity is there to achieve every single goal you have for yourself and even create to goals along the way. What started as a simple bucket list item has become life changing. No way am I looking back!