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Sep 4, 2018

Nikki’s Success Story

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boxing fitness success - Nikki

From the first punch, TITLE’s boxing classes help to transform bodies, build strength, and boost confidence. Our boxing classes contain jab, cross, hook, and uppercut combinations that will help you burn calories while sculpting your body. With our boxing, kickboxing, and HIIT training classes, we help you to train your core, back, and upper body so that you can reach your goals.

At TITLE Boxing Club College Park, TX, we pride ourselves in helping our members accomplish their goals in a supportive environment. Our member of the month this month has proved her strength by pushing herself to the next level. Nikki Kratzner came to TITLE Boxing Club College Park, TX because she wanted to get her kids and herself on the path to a healthier and more active lifestyle. From the moment Nikki and her kids walked through the door, TITLE’s boxing for fitness trainers came alongside them, showed them how to wrap their hands, and encouraged them to find their strength. See what Nikki has to say about her experience with TITLE Boxing Club College Park, TX:

My first experience here was great. My daughter and I were welcomed at the door, assisted with our wraps, and given instruction on the different punches. During the class, the trainer gave us a lot of guidance on the form and more sure we didn’t hurt ourselves. The positive and encouraging staff is what makes TITLE stand out. That attitude reflects in the people that come here to work out as well.

Before joining TITLE, I was concerned about my health because I work 60+ hours a week behind a desk which left me tired and stressed all the time. Now I feel better, sleep better, and have somewhere that I can bring my stress and leave it, so I’m happier. The best part is that I can set a good example for my kids because they’re on the bags next to me. Through TITLE, I have achieved getting my kids and myself on a path to a healthier and more active lifestyle. I achieved that day one.


Thank you, Nikki,  for being such a tremendous member of the TITLE Boxing Club College Park, TX fam! We love seeing you and your kids at the club, and we look forward to working with you in your next class.

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