If you’re feeling unmotivated or discouraged about reaching your fitness goals, don’t fear! It’s totally normal to reach points in your journey where progress slows down or even plateaus. Taking a moment to stop, reevaluate your situation and break through the mental and physical roadblocks holding you back is key. Check out these three common reasons that may be holding you back from reaching your fitness goals and our favorite ways to overcome them!


  1. You Dread Your Workout 

If you don’t enjoy your workout then you will lack the motivation to get it done. Find a workout that works for you and your schedule! At TITLE Boxing Club, we’ve created classes designed to keep you engaged AND having fun while you simultaneously tone muscles and experience stress relief. If you have a busy week and don’t have the time to make it to the club, try a virtual platform like TITLE Boxing Club On Demand. Having the option to get a quick at-home sweat-in will provide flexibility for workouts to get crossed off your to-do list even on your busiest days!


2. You Don’t Know Your Why 

Big goals usually require big lifestyle changes, which can feel challenging and overwhelming if your “why” isn’t extremely clear and meaningful. Define why you’re embarking on this journey. Maybe it’s to become healthier so you can run around with your kids with ease or perhaps it’s wanting to feel confident in an outfit you’ve never felt confident in. Constantly remind yourself of those reasons and think of how you’ll feel when you’ve finally reached your goals. If your “why” means enough to you, you’ll inevitably feel the motivation and dedication needed to conquer the conquest you began.


3. You Try Everything at Once

Give yourself TIME. So many people begin their health journey by going all out with crazy food restrictions and aggressive exercise plans. If you don’t ease yourself in, you’re bound to get burnt out and ultimately not reach your goals. Slowly incorporate habit changes into your lifestyle and allow yourself ample time to get used to them. Remember, you’re wanting to develop healthier habits that you can maintain. Give yourself grace on days that don’t go as planned and try to enjoy the process as best you can.