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Build Your Best Summer Body

Jun 21, 2017

4 Easy Ways to Build Your Best Summer Body

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It’s time to celebrate – today is the first official day of summer! Whether you’re spending it poolside or on the beach (or at your desk at work… boo!) it’s not too late to start working on your best beach bod yet. Summer is a time for you to show off your progress, feel confident and be the best version of yourself! The first step to building your best summer body is to be disciplined and motivated to better yourself. So throw away that swimsuit cover up, set your goals and get to work. Here are a few things to help shape your routine and get the results you will love.

1. Build a Healthy Diet

Spend less time eating out and more time preparing your own home-cooked meals. It’s time to start avoiding all of the chips, ice cream and junk foods that are so tempting at summer picnics and cookouts. Instead, look at the grocery store for foods high in protein that will nutritionally benefit you and your fitness goals.

2. Hydration is Key

Up to 60% of your body is water and the best way to rid water weight is by drinking a lot of water. Sound funny? It’s true. As a result, your body flushes it all out and helps digest food and transports nutrients to the rest of the body. The summer is hot, humid, and you sweat a lot so making sure you’re properly hydrated will play a big role in your continued success.


3. Exercise

Although getting in shape consists of 75% diet discipline and 25% exercise discipline, it is vital to have a challenging and effective workout plan. Go the extra mile and stay after class at TITLEBoxing Club for some extra mitt work or sign up for a Private Training session with one of our fun, experienced trainers. Never be afraid to change up your routine and challenge your body – you may surprise yourself at how much stronger and leaner you can get!

4. Don’t Stop Believing

A lot of people start their training and gradually fall off their set plan. The number one way to combat this issue is to continue to believe in yourself. DISCIPLINE and MOTIVATION will carry you a long way but you have to BELIEVE that you can succeed no matter how long it is taking or how difficult it may be.

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